• The (Unintended) Daily Album Challenge - June/July 2014

    Ago 2 2014, 14h17 por silkncake

    I concede that at the start of this year I had kind of "lost that lovin' feeling" like I regularly got from listening to music in 2013. In 2013, I had time to catch up on albums I had missed in previous years and the new stuff being released. In very early 2014, I moved out of home and suddenly found myself without that time I had so enjoyed. No time to listen to the albums of old and no time for any of the new stuff. It was during this time that I moved onto other things, neglecting my love for music.

    This kept happening for several months. My listening time consisted of albums I had heard and enjoyed previously. According to the Extended Last.fm Stats from http://lastfm.caldron.de, this was mostly albums by The Cure, Modest Mouse, Red House Painters, and Neil Young.

    Then one day in May I was wading through posts on 4chan's /mu/ board when I stumbled on a thread titled "Daily Album Challenge". That got me interested in challenging myself to find time each day to listen to an album I hadn't heard before. …
  • Fenomenon

    Dez 6 2009, 18h58 por plug2

    Ok, I know I'm really late to the party, but I have to say I am totally chilled listening to the album Hourglass by Fenomenon