• Glasshouse Take Two

    Set 21 2008, 17h05 por Bertels

    Live at the Greenhouse, Holland.

    The place is great in its transparency, a glass house without secrets where everybody is equal. For the second time this year this location was chosen for a magnificent evening with three acts in which skilled musicians make very nice music for the 60 quests. The day started slow as Bertels listened to the radio: Spijkers met Koppen. A great live show from Utrecht with live performances from Henny Vrienten, Frank Boeijen and Henk Hofstede forming the trio: aardige jongens. Actually Bertels wanted to go to the pub where the radio show was to witness it for himself, but instead he stayed home and listened in through streaming radio. Around two o clock Coach Bertels got ready for a visit to the city, with a list of stuff to do and get in his pocket. On the list were items like: Patatoes, andijvie, lettuce, milk, butter, rookworst, stamper and dunschiller. Things needed for a lesson in Dutch kitchen art for five Portuguese, two Italian and one Katwijk kitchen newbie’s. …