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Fairport Convention é considerada a primeira banda inglesa de electric folk. Formada em abril de 1967 por Simon Nicol, Richard Thompson, Ashley Hutchings e Shaun Frater, o Fairport rapidamente evoluiu do estilo de versões cover de músicas "west coast" estadunidenses para um estilo individual que mesclava rock com canções tradicionais britânicas.

Marcada por várias mudanças na formação em sua primeira década, o Fairport Convention desmembrou-se temporariamente em 1979 mas continuou tocando em reuniões anuais até seu retorno em 1985. Desde… leia mais

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  • Avatar de MisterJunior
    @activewaste Well said. Richard Thompson, Sandy Denny and Ashley Hutchings were all vital members of the group and brought a lot to the table, but they're like Yes or King Crimson or The Fall in that despite all the lineup changes they've endured they've maintained a pretty consistently high level of quality throughout their lifespan. Babbacombe Lee and Tipplers Tales are two of their best, IMO, and don't feature any of the three. Well, Sandy Denny sings on one song on the former, but that's it. But yeah, you're missing out on tons and tons of good/great albums if you give up on 'em after Full House.
  • Avatar de KeithJones
    RIP Bruce Rowland, drummer for Fairport Convention from 1975 through 1979
  • Avatar de tsintskaro
    If you stopped at Full House you are really missing out, Angel Delight is stunning.
  • Avatar de activewaste
    May I just say, that most here are missing out, I only have one Sandy Denny album among my top 10 albums. The first 5 albums are great, but there are many later greats as well, Expletive Delighted, Angel Delight, Tippler's Tales, Jewel in the Crown, they are amazing albums, give thm a try. And I suspect all those loving Sandy Denny in Fairport, haven't even heard of Rising for the Moon, which she also appeared on, and which contains the greatest songs she ever wrote, like "One more Chance". Oh well, keep shouting for the only albums you have tried - it's your loss, those amazing albums that came later ♥
  • Avatar de Brenutka
  • Avatar de bit188
    i stopped at full house, but i do like that album
  • Avatar de saltyknuckles
    Featured on SaltyKnuckles ~ Oldies №53 -
  • Avatar de ellleotribal
  • Avatar de the_strand
    Bonnie Bunch of Roses is good though.
  • Avatar de the_strand
    This post-Denny stuff is not so great...

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