• FGFC820

    Set 1 2006, 19h10 por purplevelvet


    the first time i came across FGFC820 was on the excellent cd compilation endzeit bunkertracks act I which i have previously mentioned to you all before in my journals etc. it featured the following track: Existence. then recently endzeit bunkertracks act II had another gem on it: Pray.

    slowly this started to sink in that this was an exciting new sound that i liked! and then another fantastic compilation came out, called noise terror volume one, this time featuring yet another track called GBA (Nuke'Em Mix) which sounded very catchy and got me even more hooked.

    who were these people? i had to find out...

    here are some clues for you:

    their official bio (taken from their website: http://www.fgfc820.com/)

    "Formed in 2004, FGFC820 is the new tribal EBM project from well-known and respected New York City DJs Rexx Arkana and Dräcos. Drawing on joint and separate influences ranging from old school industrial to modern gabber…