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  • Acoustic version is really good. Thanks for playing it Last.
  • 90s= best time ever
  • Feeeeeeelinnnnnnngs and trooooooolls
  • @darkcleavage:" just stop fighting, cuz your kids are getting scarred. thats why this generations so jacked up" no kids now days are jacked up cause parents are lazy ass motherfuckers who don't discipline their children, kids now days need a good ass whoopin just like we did growin up.
  • i fucked your mom to this song
  • songs so sad but incredibly true. children go through so much and everyones like dont worry they dont understand or wont remember but i remember every time my dad yelled at my mom, every time my dad got in fist fights with my brothers, and everytime i cried myself to sleep hoping that it would be better in the morning. like hell children arnt affected! why ccant adults just forget about being right or being on top in a marrige and just stop fighting, cuz your kids are getting scarred. thats why this generations so jacked up. just let it go.
  • Hey, ain't life wonderful?
  • promises do mean everything when youir little and the world is so big.....many broken promises from my mom on her drunken raging binges when i was small this song is a great reminfder of the pain she put me thru
  • Holy 2001.
  • ...some of his are my favourites and he's got a fantastic voice........
  • .......Art Alexakis writes some brilliant songs.......
  • Thank you kathylynch18!!! Eveyone always says ,"Oh, they don't understand. Their just a kid." BULLSHIT!! They know and hear a LOT more than what people give them credit for. How the hell do people seem to forget bein kids themselves? Damn infuriating...
  • This version is not on this album. I have this one..
  • everything is wonderful now, yeah
  • good memories about this song
  • ...somedays I still hate everything.
  • Tell like it is.....
  • Star Wars poster on my bedroom door.
  • they didnt play this when i saw them live... still the best show ive ever been to...
  • This song hurts my heart. How can you smile with tears in your eyes?
  • I think he may have had a bad childhood. Didn't we all. I guess that's why I've always like this song. It takes me back to the 90's and even farther back to my own childhood.
  • Fucking Wonderful!!!
  • Dream of Angels who make me smile :) I love this song!
  • Awesome.
  • Great mix of upbeat music with depressing lyrics!
  • Yeah, I agree semihof. I can't help but sing to it. :)
  • Love this song!! I can't help but sing along!!! :)
  • Nostalgia.
  • This was the only good song on the jukebox at the pool hall I used to hang out at we wore it out and its still good
  • Classic. While most of their music sounds a bit the same, these cats are a staple of my youth.
  • I can totally relate to this song! nothing was ever wonderful :(
  • i almost cried at work hearing this song for the first time in about 8 years. lovely
  • Everclear was pretty damn good back in the day now that I think about it. Except for their ridiculously "poppy" song A.M. Radio, they cranked out some awesome hits.
  • this song makes me cry also.
  • nice
  • ahhh what a voice
  • @truckedup Word.
  • Band always seemed more adult than most bands popular at the time they were big. Songs had some heft and weight to them written by someone who lived instead of some kid whining about his girl/job/school. Still sounds good.
  • Seen them 3 times they went from hard rockin' alt. rock band to a kiddie pop band to nuthin' U don't hear or see'em anymore!!!!!!
  • Better than the original version
  • <3 this song
  • Such a great song. The theme isn't 'Wonderful', but it works. A++
  • shit
  • rock - with a message that touches your heart - what we do always affects others-even the least of them among us
  • good stuff...
  • This version sound slightly different than I remember it. hrm. Still freakin awesome though :)
  • Ya'know, I've owned this album for over ten years (when one is 22, that's truly a remark) and no matter how horribly over-played it was on the radio with its schmaltzy overtones, I never got sick of it.
  • reminds me of my child hood
  • Quite an Art-ful remix.
  • isnt it funny that wonderful is not wonderful


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