• Jazzcast Summer Series: Episode #1 with Craig Maloney

    Jun 13 2013, 17h30 por MarcHollenbach

    Yesterday, May 23rd, Craig of the Open Metalcast and Doug did a live Jazzcast on Google Hangout and on Ryno's 24/7 stream. It was an experiment...that failed. Everyone got to enjoy 5 awesome tracks though.

    I (Doug) am not sure what is next for the jazzcast. Next week is a short week in the states due to Memorial Day and Craig and I moved things up a week. Thus, no Jazzcast next week. After that though, I plan on releasing weekly Jazzcasts.

    I'm also doing a bi-weekly Punkcast series. The first show for that has been recorded with David Rovics and should be released in the coming days. The next Punkcast guest is Louis Lingg and the Bombs. If you want, you can follow the changing schedule. The color coding on the schedule means something to me. Maybe I'll get a key up eventually.

    Please let me know if you'd be interested in coming on the show either as a guest that loves jazz or as musician that records jazz. I'd also like to know how people would like to consume the show. …