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  • ...are they still alive?
  • I've just discovered their music, this sounds great.
  • I love discovering bands like this one, they're great
  • Pretty good. Never even heard of 'em before.
  • Soft Targets is dope for my ears. Good band in general.
  • so fucking good.....!!!!
  • wish they'd come to Berlin :I
  • been almost a year and a half since i last posted and still way underrated.
  • <3
  • way underrated
  • So, when in Poland? :)
  • the eyes of cassandra (part 2)! hypnotizing ~
  • woow, as you all says, it's an awesome discovery!
  • Bummed that I just found out about this band - pretty happy that I did though :o)
  • Our group "Retro rock" focuses on rock bands today with their sound rooted in the 60's and 70's rock. Welcome!
  • Woahhhhh, can't believe I've never heard these guys before. Amazing.
  • Suspicious Package is shockingly awesome. Shame I discovered this band so late.
  • fantastic, shotgun, love that sheit
  • Please come back to hamburg! I'm an idiot and didn't see you at the reeperbahn festival.
  • how come that "The Eyes Of Cassandra (Part 1)" and "The Eyes Of Cassandra (Part 1)" are the songs from the Suspicious Package album with the least plays, however they are the most awesome ones by far? =\
  • yeah, great, wonderful, hamburg was so great.
  • I just saw them in Dortmund. I totally dig their music, amazing sound, I look forward to see them again.
  • What a find!!
  • holy shit!!!!!!! these guys are amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • very sexy! great guys with a lot of soul and rock
  • <3
  • These guys are great!
  • Went to see them at the Siren Festival at Coney Island. They were one of the best bands there. Loved their style.
  • "shotgun" from Suspicious Package is amazing. Other songs not really xd
  • Wow they found their guitar groove with this new album. Love it.
  • I'm not so sure about the new album. I don't think it's as good as Soft Targets, but I also think it'll grow on me a lot. We'll see.
  • Suspicious Package is great! Check out my review on the comment wall at
  • awesome show last night
  • New album: Suspicious Package
  • A buddy of mine just turned me onto these guys. Fuck! This shit is crazy, groovy cool!
  • I saw them at the Afropunk festival in Brooklyn, NY on July 5th, and fell head over heels!
  • I just got recommended these guys, anyone wanna throw me a track? You can have whatever from my library. :)
  • Seen them live, thats right *flex
  • fucking awesome!!!
  • I'll have to check them out.
  • Does anyone know where I can download the 'Earl Greyhound' album? I think iTunes wont distribute it in the UK....not sure but I can only seem to get 'soft target'.
  • FUCK they are good. :)
  • fucking brilliant.
  • To me, the best to way describe Ricc's drumming is like listening to the heartbeat of Thor. ...Absolutely amazing. I interviewed them last month. EG is a very cool, very chill band. It was pretty awesome to meet them because I've been a fan for over a year now. I can't for their new album in the spring. They played some new tunes, and they rocked!!!
  • Ditto, YamaLlama
  • Saw these guys open for Portugal the Man in denver. They ruled.
  • Disenmemberment, you are a dumbass. This band is incredible.
  • these guys know how to rock out with they's cocks out
  • one word. suck. saw them open for Dodos, who was amazing, at Earlham College.
  • I saw them in orlando from 3 feet away in a little record store and they melted my face off for sure, They were really cool to hang with afterwards. Just good people. He gave me and my buddy his sticks probably for the hearing lost we got from his rocking.


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