• New beginning with a new name + my top 50 artists

    Fev 28 2007, 14h01 por CloserToGod

    Because i don't like my nick name anymore (and i didn't even like it ever, but all my nick names that i have are somebody using here :/ ) so i decided to make a new profile with a new name (i hope a better one :P ).

    And because my 10 000th song was played recently, i think it's a good opportunity to evaluate my top 50 artists as well (thx for this idea to necrotising_ ;) ). So i'll rate every band from my top 50 artists with two numbers (each from 1 to 10 points). First number marks how i like that artist (where 1 means "i hate it" and 10 means "i absolutely love it") and the second marks how i think is their music quality (where 1 means "total crap" and 10 means "pure genius"). I think it's good to separate this because music can be brilliant but the feeling of this music may not be good and conversely. And although i think nothing is perfect, i made few exceptions where i gave 10 (or almost) points.

    Here are my top 50 artists:

    1. King Crimson - 9,5 / 10