• BBC Radio Leeds drop the Raw Talent broadcast from DAB and FM

    Nov 18 2007, 10h00 por samsaunders

    part of the audience at Raw Talent's Unsinged Stage at Leeds Festival this year

    As of last week, BBC Radio Leeds stopped broadcasting what had been BBC North's participation in new music across the region. Alan Raw the presenter and Katie Noone the producer had set up and have been running the two hour programme in the Radio Hull studio and hundreds of artists have been featured in its five year life. Most weeks there is a live band session of (usually) three songs and often an acoustic artist as well. Demos and lots of full releases are played too. A new music stage at Leeds Festival for the last three years and a link with BBC Radio One's Introducing network have been two of its major achievements so far.

    Since BBC Radio Leeds' recent decision Raw Talent has been cut back to being a local station serving Humberside and Lincolnshire - accessible to the world via a low quality realaudio stream, but otherwise hidden under a very big bushel. …
  • The other end of the Charts

    Nov 15 2006, 15h28 por samsaunders

    When 100 people with an interest in new music come together, their "top 20" aritsts are likely to be dicated by the choices of a minority. In the group Thoughtful about music in West Yorkshire there are 109 members ... but last week's 6 most listened-to artists were scrobbled by 17, 12, 12, 10, 10, and 10 people respectively. So even leading choice Joanna Newsom did not show up in the listening figures for 92 of the members. Our biggest star is a minority taste even in a group with non-mainstream taste.

    Maybe the interesting activity is at the bottom end of the Chart - artists we have only listened to once? I use random play quite a lot, and I also use the radio function, so I don't listen to whole albums all that often. Having done a little bit of statistics training in the field of social research, I can see that it would be possible to use a variety of measures to create "ecleticism" charts - an expression of how dispersed individual listening paterns were.
  • Dugong

    Ago 13 2005, 22h38 por samsaunders

    Today I wrote a review for Dugong's fantastic new 6 track EP on Bombed Out Records. The review will soon be visible on

    As I was checking a few things I found out that tomorrow could be Dugong's last ever gig. There's something tragic and wonderful about that. Yet another band who are just too good to be widely noticed. Not "obscure" or difficult - just terrifyingly good at noisy inventive surprising and exciting punkish guitar music. Just the sort of thing that New Yorkshire are starting to get the hang of playing, but not half as well as Dugong.