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Dream Theater

Another Day (4:36)


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  • Gotta love that cheese.
  • So try another day!
  • So awesome!!
  • This song really lifts me up.
  • I like cheese :o) :o)
  • Super cheesy, but an AMAZING song nonetheless!
  • the sax really stands out here
  • The sax is awesome, no matter how cheesy it may seem to you
  • I seriously laugh every time I hear that saxaphone.
  • Dream Theater é muito boa banda .
  • This song means so much to me [2]
  • This song means so much to me
  • Epic cheesiness. This song alone is cheesier than any moog solo that prog bands did in the '70s, and I'm still undecided as to whether that's good or not.
  • So many years have passed and it's still one of my favourite songs!
  • A melhor do DT :p
  • This is their best album, no doubt.
  • classic
  • Great !
  • beautiful..great !
  • One of Dream Theater's better songs, it has a lot of heart. :)
  • I like it
  • Magic!
  • styx / journey / REO / Toto/ this ...all sound same to my ears
  • Never really have been a big fan of the band.
  • cheesy, but I like it.
  • Great song, but the lyrics... ugh...
  • Really short for them.
  • Gay.
  • Love it!!
  • beautiful song
  • Such a beautiful and powerful song! I love the introspective lyrics and James LaBrie never sounded better.
  • I can hardly ever listen to this because it sounds too much like Careless Whisper.
  • wow I can never get over the sax solo at the end, so dope I had to sample it!! [url=]Means The World Pt. 2[/url]
  • one of the reasons I started playing the saxophone!
  • I clicked Pain of Salvation, not Dream Theater -.-' 6 of the 7 related bands I can see are DT spin-offs or members. I guess looking for bands similar to Pain of Salvation that I don't already know of is a bit of a long shot anyway...
  • The sax in this song is sublime.
  • Magic music
  • Really starting to like this track
  • Might be the best song on the record.
  • Still one of their best songs :)
  • when i liked lebrie
  • Dream Theater - Another Day ____________ after almost 20 years still sounds Awesome!
  • when it started playing ~~~~"ghostbumps" -love this song
  • Lovely.


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