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Deathmaster creates DoomSword. Guardian Angel joins the project and helps Deathmaster out with arrangements and recordings. At the end of Semptember 1997 the demo "Sacred Metal" was published.

Out of the 150 copies pressed, almost half of it are accidentally lost and the demo is soon sold out. Maurizio Chiarello, owner of Underground Symphony, signs DoomSword with his label. DoomSword recruit Dark Omen (bass) and Nightcomer (vocals). the debut album "DoomSword" is recorded. DoomSword release their first homonimous album in… leia mais

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  • Avatar de metalkillthekin
    Resound the Horn
  • Avatar de BTsGraveland
    Hopefully we get a new album in 2015. I know they've been writing music for one.
  • Avatar de KellemxD
  • Avatar de BTsGraveland
    "Woooahh Woooaahhhh ODINNSS REIGGGNN" [2] Deathmaster is one of my favourite vocalists. So much awesomeness.
  • Avatar de defnoob
    Woooahh Woooaahhhh ODINNSS REIGGGNN
  • Avatar de Suomirocker
    Steel of my Axe! [2]
  • Avatar de Hassamock
  • Avatar de MetalheadPG
  • Avatar de BTsGraveland
    The Eternal Battle is a pretty solid album, but I cannot deny I was somewhat disappointed with it. I guess just coming off the backs of the amazing trio of albums that preceded it, my expectations were just too high. It's a good album as I said, but it doesn't hold up as well to Resound the Horn, Let Battle Commence or My Name Will Live On. To be fair, those three are all utter masterpieces however, so any band would struggle to deliver a fourth of similar quality back-to-back. Regardless, I'm still mightily excited for anything Deathmaster and the others have in store in the future!
  • Avatar de Lionheartattack
    Grrrreat band! Great, different vocals, surprising outside-the-usual-box things with guitars at times, and somehow unique musically too even if there's really nothing that special, hmmh...

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