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Don Caballero


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  • btw i think the album is called "punkgasm", not "punkgasam"?
  • I can't see why this one gets so little appreciation. I think it's much more varied, pleasing and still mathy like all their previous albums, only it sounds much better. Well I never followed the ways of battles and or former or current members or whosoever. This and WCLP are their best albums to me, I honestly think that don cab improves with every album...
  • punkgasambucaballero
  • remember when Don Cab was awesome? i used to love them. saw them four times. then i saw the new lineup and walked out before they finished the set. Che was a drunk asshole as usual, barely able to keep in time. this is not the same band. this band sucks.
  • I don't get the hate towards this album, It's amazing, Awe man That's Jive Skip is outstanding They're stepping into the right line.
  • maybe 3-4 tracks are a bit different, but the other 10-11 tracks are very good!
  • I don't know why you dislike this album so much. Caballero is still Caballero. They changed only in two ways: They have learned how to avoid annoying-sounding parts and they have progressed their sound (new electric sound effects and very good sound-/recording-quality). imho, their last 2 albums are best.
  • It should be {unkgazam, as in Ala Kazam!
  • yeah this is kinda messed up.. i saw this at a small cd store the other day and i got really excited but the only really amazing track is "shop vac" i was expecting better :| the other tracks are good.. just not as good as the other don cab stuff *sigh*
  • I've only really got into Don Caballero (heard Battles and Hella before them, really liked them), and I've heard American Don before this which I'm listening to now, and...well, in a way I actually prefer this. It's a very good album. I'll be listening to American Don again soon (as it's probably one that's better with repeated listens, as a lot of albums are), but I do like this a lot as well.

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