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  • Prismic Tops is weird as fuck, I love it.
  • listening to his dublab proton drive mix from late last far as i know there wasn't a track listing for it...39minutes in, does anyone know the artist and/or track name? Shazam doesn't :-(
  • Yum.
  • just......superb.
  • so glad i got prismic tops on vinyl, this has to be the most beautiful record i own. both music + packaging
  • everyone go peep this mix by Dim it's a trip
  • Great news told by Gaslamp Killer: "Also, had to reach out to Dimlite all the way out in Zurich cause he is one of my favourite producers of all time and I am working on a whole record with him soon!"
  • I hope he's being dramatic, he's one of my favorite artists of the past decade. Abscission is supposed to see a limited vinyl pressing sometime in december.
  • Abscission is fantastic, indeed. His site says it may be his last release...? :/
  • Se Se Sc .. best fucking song. I love dimlite
  • Hi check out my EP "night of the living dead" its a electro, hiphop and glitch thing check it out you will love it :) You can download it for free @ thank You and greetings SUGAR
  • Listen to the new album more. I put This Is Embracing on my blog when I started it because of how much I loved it but this new material is so far beyond it hurts. He used to do a jazz-tinted version of instrumental hiphop; now he's the Captain Beefheart of electronic music
  • "optimistic_tour how on earth does Grimm Reality not even show on the charts? It's easily the best thing Dimlite has done and most folks are missing out, what a shame." wrong, this is embracing. ]
  • In the wake of the release of his latest album "Ask The Dust", Ninja Tune's main man Lorn has just done a mix for Mary Anne Hobbs' XFM show and it has just been put up on their Soundcloud. Check out this amazing mix from this talented beatsmith here
  • Abscission coming in June: Grimm Reality outtakes... Going to be awesome. Looking forward to it.
  • how on earth does Grimm Reality not even show on the charts? It's easily the best thing Dimlite has done and most folks are missing out, what a shame.
  • Best thing i've heard since a LONG time !!
  • [url=]best of 2011 at optimistic underground[/url] and it's a damn SHAME nobody else seems to have heard Grimm Reality before making their lists
  • my vinyl FINALLY arrived!! literally the most exquisite album packaging i've ever seen.
  • i took way too long to listen to grimm. awesome
  • Grim Reality is so amazing. it gets better with every listen.
  • just on my first listen and jesus fuuuuucking chrrrrrr!
  • Drakemirow, i'd recommend listening to any/all of them. Dim has been consistent his whole career and every LP/EP are enjoying in some way or another. The replay value for each is crazy too.
  • Grimm Reality is rad. question of the moment: how well do his earlier works hold up?
  • so nice i might buy trice
  • yeah I'm thinking his best yet.
  • very creative!
  • $40 a little much, ok sure, but, hell.. i want this vinyl!!!
  • This album is seriously nuts!
  • it sounds good, and some of the song titles are quite witty
  • Grimm Reality is fucking weird man. I think I like it.
  • Yes!!!
  • Makes me think of other wild stuff like O.Lamm and Terminal11.
  • prismic tops is some of the most fantastic music ever but he kind of lost me with the new one...I think it just isn't melodic enough for me. I always liked him for the intense psychedelic aspect but it seems this album focuses completely on that side of his sound. still a decent album in my opinion.
  • <3
  • hell music, but in a good way.
  • Grimm Reality is really something
  • при прослушивании Dimilite (а это новый его альбом!) всегда атмосфера, будто не с ним, а со мной что-то не так. За это я сразу зауважал ... его )))
  • Grimm Reality may be his best yet. I love that he's so far beyond even association with the 'beat' genre, I wouldn't even recommend it to people into that stuff. More psych n jazz and weirdo fun stuff.
  • Dimlite never ceases to amaze me
  • Yeah, $40 is whack. But Grimm Reality is positively whack.
  • @optimistic_tour Newcomers can always go for the MP3s or CD instead. I wouldn't expect someone new to Dimlite to buy a deluxe vinyl copy anyway.
  • @clouds I believe you. I just wish they wouldn't set such a high bar for entry to musicians like Dimlite who need all the attention (and retail purchase) they can get. I fucking love him so I will shell out, but someone who isn't sure will no way in hell pay that much. I guess they expect that though..
  • I've really been neglecting this guy. I just heard a couple of his new tracks on Gilles Peterson's show, and they're insane!
  • Pour Some Blood, We Got This.
  • this new album tho
  • Grimm Reality is on another planet. It's worth $40.
  • V $40 for the vinyl?! stones throw is crazy.


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