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Genre:Technical Thrash/Speed Metal - Germany Lyrical themes:Deception, Decadence, Personal Struggles

Marek Grzeszek : Guitarra Waldemar Sorychta : Guitarra Grip Inc., Voodoocult, Eyes Of Eden, Enemy Of The Sun Markus Freiwald : Bateria Kreator, Flaming Anger, Voodoocult Klaus Pachura : Baixo Dark Millennium Andreas Henschel : Vocais Apostasy

Álbuns Surviving You Always (Démo - 1988) History of Hate (CD - 1988) Decay of Humanity (CD - 1990) Beyond All Reason (CD - 1992)

The band formed in 1986 with vocalist Robert Kampf, although the group swapped Kampf shortly… leia mais

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  • The German Despair rules \m/
  • This should be the Finnish Dispair for me. [2]
  • R.I.P., Marek
  • Rest in Peace Marek Greschek.
  • Knox!
  • Fuck sake, how do I turn off auto-correct on scrobbles now? This should be the Finnish Dispair for me.
  • i had the 1000 cries 7 inch (i believe it was) and the t shirt to go with it. saw them a few times in sc in mid 90's..........unforgettable time.
  • my strength, my release, the one thing i truely believe, and i keep holding on, for so fucking long
  • of course, german despair ... i bought their LP "Beyond All Reason" many, many years ago, because i very much enjoyed "Deaf And Blind" at that time, but i did not like the other stuff of them very much -- too bad. recently i gave them another try and i have to say, that to whole album is really, really awesome ... i wonder if it's recommended to get their other albums, too?

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