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  • Avatar de Rud-Johns
    I miss those days when I went to work by bus, staring at the window while listen to this song on my mp3 player. Oh well... <3
  • Avatar de lukasz_pulawski
    One of their best!
  • Avatar de niluratheufd
    Ok, nice beat but on a nerdcore station...This just dose not belong.
  • Avatar de aarif69
  • Avatar de aivkov
    this is Africa Simone's hafanana , what's up with the title?
  • Avatar de cgovier280
    I enjoyed it
  • Avatar de DJLobanhaki
    This is the live version, and not on Comparsa. It is the right song, just not the right version.
  • Avatar de Leon_von_Dog
    make my day^^
  • Avatar de caroleona
    Makes me Happy!!!
  • Avatar de jes2cool
    Primo track, love this group. Ok, on something totally trivial and unrelated: The question for today is: If Deep Forest is actually alone, deep in the forest, does her bright red hair still scream? She has the reddist hair I've ever seen. Sigh... I've got to stop looking at these photos above. I'm married. God (more likely my wife) will chastise me verily for the lust in my heart... possibly other places. As you can see from my photo my eyes are large and devoid of contacts, perfect for industrial strength coveting. Such is my curse. Ok, time to find my Rosary beads and a fist worth of branches...

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