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Death/Thrash Metal Released first two demos under the name Winterwolf. The band has a tradition that all their album titles contain the word "death" or "dead". C. Void has done backing vocals for the band since their first album in 2003, but was made an official member for the 2010 album, Death Gods. He performs with the band wearing a robe and a Cthulhu-mask.

Poltergeist Demo 2002 DeadMeat Disciples Full-length 2003 Deathchain / Deathbound Split 2005 Deathrash Assault Full-length 2005… leia mais

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  • NorseDave, exactly early albums. Last album more like Behemoth.
  • Deathrash?
  • Good Finnish death metal!
  • @blackened they might not be downloaders, that may just be the way someone submitted the track titles to freedb and on itunes as is often the case. anyway for someone on lastfm to disparage downloaders is very hypocritical.
  • I can't really get in to their other albums that much but Deathrash Assault is one of the best albums ever created, everything on it is perfect.
  • I'd expect this band to be more popular, seeing the quality and quantity of the music they've put out. This should definitely appeal to for example Morbid Angel, Behemoth and Nile fans.
  • Trying this (Ritual Death Metal) for the first time and liking what I'm hearing!
  • New album is off it's tits.
  • Like Worms Upon the Lands is a very strong candidate to Deathchain's best song. So goddamn wicked and versatile.
  • Yeah, finally got the Ritual Death Metal foil stamped digibook. Killer album !!!!

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