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  • i am the memes i worship
  • Shiva slashin' thru' your flat-screen.
  • Exmilitary read way more baller than Ex Military. Suck it, fuccboi.
  • It's Ex Military not Exmilitary
  • YUH!
  • Great album, first DG record i've listened. Seems to be a midstep between the ~easy-listening~ behaviour of The Money Store and the avant-garde ish from No Love Deep Web. Klink is freaking awesome!
  • everyone that doesn't think this is great is wrong
  • Great to listen to during sleep deprivation
  • Beware and Klink are the best <3
  • rating 7/10
  • Takyon, Spread Eagle Across Block and Thru the Walls are the only ones that hit me
  • Exmilitary<All other Death Grips albums
  • Takyon (Death Yon) is just the definition of greatness
  • can someone explain to me why it is classified as a mixtape
  • i like this album.
  • When I first got into this, I always thought that crazed looking mother fucker on the cover was the MC.
  • Frantic!
  • faaaaaavourite
  • I love this thing so much
  • This album is huge oldschool thing O.O
  • by the way this isn't an album. this is a mixtape
  • my personell FAVE!!!
  • Exmilitary isn't better than TMS or NLDW. They are all great
  • this album is so good; sadly - if one looks at the vinyl prices - others think so too
  • Shit Man! This is insane... hopefully I can find lads to join me on Friday in Brussels
  • It's on there
  • where to find for free download? has crap bitrate hosting.
  • I wish I knew of this band before NLDW came out so I could have bought this on vinyl. I'll probably pick up a used copy at some point; maybe they'll have some copies on their tour? I hope so.
  • Wish I got my act together and bought this on vinyl before it sold out.
  • Still their best album. The sheer intensity of this album is awesome
  • Would like to stop listening to this, but I can't.
  • money store is clearly better
  • Better than the Money Store. Has to be said.
  • Thought you knew, thought you thought Thought you did but did not Come on through what you got Is it cool is it hot?
  • Why haven't I listened to this sooner? Good shit.
  • The dewd that posted the mediafire link of the album in the "about this album" area is such a badass.
  • I'm kinda late to a party and just listened to it yesterday, but whoa.. this is impressive.
  • Have you all seen the latest?? New music video for "The Fever":
  • the shit've just changed a big part of me. thank you, guys. yeah, it does inject lots of horror into your veins. but it's the kind horror which makes you move on and away from all the shit around. horror's a bad word. let it be terror. death grips, the exquisite sound terrorists. and me, the pretentious cunt.
  • After returning to this, I have to say this is one of the most exciting pieces of hip hop, let alone music, released in a long time. Sky's the limit for Death Grips.
  • Reminds me of De La Soul experimental period but modern beats
  • This is one of the best albums of the year.
  • Bassist from Dub Trio had one of their t-shirts on last night… checking them out.
  • :)
  • this scares the shit out of me. I LOVE IT.
  • I want it i need it -> Astronomy Domine - Pink Floyd.... Nice


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