• Paste My Taste, Bi-Annually

    Mai 29 2011, 22h51 por StratisFTW

  • my library

    Abr 18 2011, 18h20 por ce84

    • artist13th Floor ElevatorsalbumThe Psychedelic Sounds Of The 13th Floor Elevatorsartist13th Floor ElevatorsalbumEaster EverywhereartistAcid Mothers Temple & The Cosmic InfernoalbumAnthem Of The SpaceartistAcid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso U.F.O.albumElectric HeavylandartistAcrimonyalbumTumuli ShroomaroomartistAC/DCalbumLet There Be RockartistAC/DCalbumHighway To HellartistAC/DCalbumBack In BlackartistAerosmithalbumToys In The AtticartistAfghan WhigsalbumGentlemenartistAfghan Whigsalbum1965artistAfrican Head ChargealbumMy Life In A Hole In The GroundartistAfro Celt Sound SystemalbumVolume 3: Further In TimeartistAgitation…
  • STR Mixtape : Keep Your Mind Open

    Ago 6 2010, 8h33 por SmallTownRoman


    Hi everyone,

    This week's mixtape was pulled from my archives and dated 2007.
    The songs are eternal enough to not let it bother you ;)

    1. Davy Graham - Maajun
    2. Donovan- Wear Your Love Like Heaven (02:38)
    3. Jean Claude Vannier -le roi des mouches et la confiture de rouse (05:02)
    4. Master Of Deceit - The Grand Illusion (09:32)
    5. Dominique A - Motus (13:00)
    6. James Yorkston - Cheating The Game (16:00)
    7.Richard Thompson - Glencoe (19:41)
    10. Richard Youngs - Solar In My Soul (21:28)
    11. Dino Valente- Time (31:10)
    12. Diane Cluck- Your Million Sweetnesses (34:16)
    13.High Lamas - The Old Spring Town (37:00)
    14. Tom Waits- Innocent When You Dream (40:26)
    15. Spiritualized- Home Of The Braves (44:34)
    16. Kaleidoscope- Keep Your Mind Open (46:15)
    17. Musica Dispersa - Rabel (48:22)
    18. Yair Dalal - Through The Mist Of Your Eyes (50:24)
  • Forgetfulness

    Mar 6 2010, 17h54 por samsaunders

    I forget to put positive things in this journal space. It even has an rss feed so people could subscribe to it.

    If they wanted to. click this while you're deciding.


    These Monsters new album - title track Call Me Dragon (free downlad) provides a rich taste of the whole feast - is a monstrous piece of work. It's armoured, scaled, articulated, fast, furious, saxophonous and exhilarating.

    Matt Bentley has a beautifully produced and presented new album called Entropy. I can hear echoes of some of the founders of British folk guitar in there - Davy Graham and Dick Gaughan and a lot of other things too. It stands head and shoulders above the routine singer songwriter stuff. That said, the sheer numbers of solo artists doing their own songs is pushing the expected standard higher and higher.

    Club Smith go on following the ancient and peculiar adage that every new song should be the best yet, and redefine the repertoire. …
  • Chosen records II: 1960s

    Ago 17 2009, 12h48 por samueljeronimo

    - 13th Floor Elevators, The psychedelic sounds of 13th Floor Elevators (Sunspots, 1966);
    - MC5, Kick out the jams (Wrong, 1969);
    - Adriano Correia de Oliveira, O canto e as armas (Orfeu, 1969);
    - Afterglow, Afterglow (Sundazed, 1968);
    - Al Wilson, Searching for the dolphins (Soul City, 1969);
    - Alexander "Skip" Spence, Oar (Sundazed, 1969);
    - Amon Düül II, Phallus Dei (Liberty, 1969);
    - Andrew Hill, Point of departure (Blue Note, 1964);
    - Andromeda, Andromeda (Angel Air, 1969);
    - António Carlos Jobim, Wave (Polygram, 1967);
    - Arcadium, Breathe awhile (Akarma, 1969);
    - Archie Shepp, Kwanza (Impulse, 1969);
    - Argent, Argent (BSO, 1969);
    - Art, Supernatural fairy tales (Fontana, 1969);
    - Art Blakey And The Jazz Messengers, A night in Tunisia (EMI, 1960);
    - Arthur Brown, The crazy world of Arthur Brown (Polydor, 1967);
    - Arzachel, Arzachel (Akarma, 1969);
    - The Association, Renaissance (Collectors’ Choice Music, 1967);
  • 「Folk, Blues & Beyond」

    Jan 15 2009, 13h13 por htchtc

    Davey Graham (Davy Graham) が

    彼の"Angie" (Angi, Anji の表記もあり) は
    Bert Jansch や Simon & Garfunkel のカバーでも知られる

    Bert Jansch - Angie
  • up the borough

    Dez 20 2008, 12h27 por MrLark

    i become increasingly impressed with venue the gladstone snookered away behind Borough tube station. For anyone unfamiliar, this haunt of London has some of the best pubs in the city.

    Anyhoo, i saw Mary Epworth And The Jubilee Band. I'd been meaning to for a long time, but hadn't because a severe case of sitting on my arse. Well, and playing music myself. She was great, but assures me she can be better, so I'll try and check her out again soon.

    The real find of the night was Olivia Chaney. oh boy what a talent. she did arrangements of old folk tunes. mainly irish and Appalachian, but also some French and even a 17th century Italian opera. She accompanied herself on a hand-pumped harmonium, making full use of the drone effect, underscoring the connection between ancient north european music and eastern music pioneered by the late great Davy Graham. She also used detuned guitar on some tracks, as Graham did. Her voice is incredible and it's inspiring to hear someone with the confidence to launch into acapella. …
  • What I have done the past two years…

    Set 8 2008, 17h31 por joiletjake

    …when talking about my music taste that is.

    Today it is two years since I joined last.fm and where these years have gone is a question that I can’t answer since it feels like it was yesterday it all happend. Almost precisely one year ago I was writing a journal similar to this where I described how my music taste had changed over the year. This journal will head in the same direction and is going to reflect my thoughts about the year that has passed.

    This year I feel that my taste have changed and have become more broader than it was just three or four months ago. Two years ago it mostly consisted of British bands such as The Yardbirds, Led Zeppelin, Cream, with Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page and Jeff Beck. The last three mentioned names were the key objects of my collection and 80% of it was related to them and bands they used to play in. "Not very open minded" would probably be the first comment one would say and I can’t agree more. …
  • Oysterband and Davy Graham

    Set 19 2007, 14h23 por samsaunders


    Oysterband played at the Edwardian music hall venue of Leeds City Varieties Theatre last night. They are writing songs as good as any in their career - after all these years. They played a lot from the excellent new album "Meet You There" - including my new favourite "Dancing As Fast As I Can". Inspired stuff. They also played some of the big tunes from the past - the most nerve tingling of which was a fierce version of Bells of Rhymney - a poem by Idris Davies, first put to music by Pete Seeger and covered by many - including The Byrds.

    On the way out I noticed a poster advertising October's Davy Graham tour. (October 18th in Leeds) There is more on Davy Graham at http://www.myspace.com/davygraham. If my memory hasn't completely packed up the one and only time I saw Davy Graham play was in 1971 when I introduced him as the guest at the University of Kent Folk Club. …
  • Top 10 Music Quiz

    Fev 12 2007, 3h51 por willmunn

    Name your top 10 most played band on Last.fm:

    1 Nick Drake
    2 Pink Floyd
    3 Roots Manuva
    4 Sigur Rós
    5 Davy Graham
    6 Radiohead
    7 Soweto Kinch
    8 Four Tet
    9 DJ Shadow
    10 Björk

    Now answer the questions according to the numbers:

    1. What was the first song you ever heard by 6?
    Radiohead - Karma Police

    2. What is your favourite album of 2?
    Pink Floyd - Darkside of the moon

    3. What is your favourite lyric that 5 has sung?
    "Hey Baby won't you please come quick, this old cocaine's making me sick, cocaine all around my brain."

    4. How many times have you seen 4 live?

    5. What is your favourite song by 7?
    Soweto Kinch - Ridez

    6. What is a good memory you have considering the music of 10?
    Discovering her whilst guitar teching for simon and sarah (they covered one of her songs)

    7. Is there a song of 3 that makes you sad?
    Roots Manuva - Too Cold
    (that's pretty sad i guess but it doesn't make me particularly sad)