• My Top 400 Electronic Tracks (Spotify & Youtube PLs), Part 1: A-K

    Mai 1 2013, 8h41 por Theartofstu

    Made from 1st March to 1st April. I have tried to limit it to a maximum of 3 tracks per artist but sometimes remixes and collaborations will technically take some artists over 3, too much effort to think about that though.

    Spotify playlist is here (270/400)

    Youtube playlists: Part 1 / Part 2 (396/400)

    Blog: Soon (At some point I'll write a blog so I can say a bit about each track, but it will take a while)


    Why 400?

    Because you can have 200 in a Youtube playlist, 200 wouldn't have been enough, 600+ would have been a struggle. 400 seemed doable.

    Some tracks are down on the Youtube playlist.

    I'll come back to the Youtube playlists occasionally and replace the dead tracks but I'm not going to do it everyday, sometimes some tracks will be taken down in-between.

    I can't play some tracks in Spotify / there are tracks on Spotify you haven't added.

    Some stuff on Spotify is country-specific, obviously I'm in the UK so only tracks that are available to UK users will be there.
  • solipsistic NATION No. 188: Bassick

    Abr 18 2010, 18h32 por solipsisticast


    I'm going to keep today's show notes short because it's late and I really need to go to bed.

    Each week I get anywhere from a dozen to 50 or so tracks to review for upcoming shows on solipsistic NATION. I will then load them on to my iPhone and play them at random throughout the week, or in some cases, months.

    As I listen to the tracks I will give them a one to five star rating. Anything that gets one star I just delete because let's face it, who wants to hear that dreck. Any track I find mildly interesting gets a two star rating. Tracks that I think are solid get three star rating and the few tracks I think are top notch get a four to five star rating. Ninety percent of the time it's the tracks with a three to five star rating that make it on to the show.

    When it comes time to put together a mix for solipsistic NATION I usually review the tracks that I gave a high rating to and see if I can form some sort of theme or narrative out of them.
  • solipsistic NATION No. 70: Melange

    Dez 29 2007, 2h47 por solipsisticast


    My iPod is always loaded with a half dozen electronic music podcasts that I listen to without fail. Each week I wait with baited breath for the XLR8R and Beatport podcasts.

    Released less frequently but waited with no less anticipation are podcasts like the Indian Electronica podcast and DJ Bulut's New Turkish Beat podcast.

    Indian Electronica is a Canadian-based online community, record label, radio station and annual international music festival - all focused on showcasing cutting edge electronic music inspired by South Asian traditions. The podcast is an eclectic sampling of electronic music produced around the world. You can also catch their stream 24 hours a day, 7 days a week straight out of Toronto. Previous shows have included mixes by DJ Spooky and Tony Estrada.

    DJ Bulut hosts the equally eclectic New Turkish Beat podcast. Bulut has an exquisite taste for the mixes he puts together and has an extensive show notes at his blog.