• Herbie Flowers - Plant Life (1975)

    Fev 21 2007, 22h26 por Windmarbles


    I found this album a couple of weeks ago, browsing in the bargin bins of a second-hand record shop on a wet Saturday afternoon.

    Something about the garish cover lept out at me and suggested I take a chance. The song titles seemed to suggest a sense of humour such as "The sad saga of Bounty hunting sherrif Benson, who gunned down a ten foot stetson in a hut in Mexico..." so I took it to the till

    Listening to it for the first time made me feel fairly queasy. What on earth was this? It somehow sounded like Chas & Dave and the kids from Fame attempting to cover Sgt Pepper in the style of a 1970's sitcom theme tune!

    Then Herbie starts to sing.... God no Herbie no!

    I was about to take it off the turntable and put on something more appropriate, but somehow the songs, tunes and hooks started to seep into my brain. Oh dear, it's actually really good!

    I did a bit of Googling, aparantly Herbie Flowers is one of the great session bassists of the 60's and 70's…