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  • thank you!!
  • Too late to start scrobbling the greek name...
  • I want to dance...ancient mysteries
  • Majestic
  • ἠ καλλίστη μουσική
  • Great band!
  • Simply beautiful, love the Krataia Asterope album ♥
  • Beautiful
  • such a great concert in London... they deserve a proper venue though, they do lift a crowd's spirits for real.
  • Απιστευτοι
  • Toller Klang, schönes Bild auf dem Album Nice Sound, beautiful artwork
  • Brilliant.
  • good
  • I'm in love with the new album ♥
  • No DN for Russian invaders!!! LOL ^^
  • @nikbleatzanyat, обычно так бывает, когда в таких [похожих] группах играет волынка, лира и весьма по необычному вокал, поэтому у меня появляется атмосфера другого века. Именно так мне и воссоздалась картина средневековья. Хотя правильно будет сказать конечно же древнегреческую мифологию или древнегреческий мир.
  • Need DN in Russia :C [3]
  • Beautiful, enchanting music.
  • Daemonia Nymphe makes me transcend. I'm so proud of my mediterranean roots.
  • Need DN in Russia :C [2]
  • Need DN in Russia :C
  • bir benzeri daha yok, iddia ediyorum.
  • I love the new album. It's not better than the first two, but it's very gorgeous. I like the folkish-shamanic-youdefineit female vocals. [2] Exactly how I feel about new album :)
  • Daemonia Nymphe is a great their music <3
  • Nemesis Rhamnousia is brilliance, but another tracks from new album quite boring. So poor for atmospheric pan flutes and so many DCD-style choires that looks unnecessary for this music.
  • I love the new album. It's not better than the first two, but it's very gorgeous. I like the folkish-shamanic-youdefineit female vocals.
  • @hasanziya -- Yeah, it's kind of 'meh'. Their other albums are better but I feel that this new album is slowly growing on me.
  • is it just me or last album is meeeh?
  • very good new album, well done guys :)
  • Daemonia Nymphe news: One of the few Daemonia Nymphe songs in English! Not included in any of our albums. We present you "The Great Divinity"
  • ολόφρεσκος νέος δίσκος...
  • καταπληκτικός...
  • Arkandast, причем тут средневековье?
  • new stuff
  • From the bands FB page: Official Release of the new album "Psychostasia" on the 10th of May 2013!
  • .•*¨*•♫♪•<❤>_♪♫ॐ•_•ॐ♫♪+<❤>•♪♫•*¨*•.¸
  • The self titled is just awesome. [2]
  • New DN album, "Psychostasia", will be released this month, more info:
  • The self titled is just awesome.
  • why dcd ripoffs as similur
  • Daemonia Nymphe is really great band! check this link out too Moon Far Away, Russian neofolk, Varg likes too ;-)
  • Песни замечательны. Воссоздаёшь ту картину средневековья. Замечательно.
  • when I listen to them I like being naked and throwing discuses
  • May the Gods give you strength to continue your marvelous work. ΕΣΤΩΣΑΝ ΟΙ ΘΕΟΙ ΑΡΩΓΟΙ ΥΜΩΝ
  • Amazing. Beautiful. You made me feel like an ancient Greek. Thank you. "Daemonia Nymphe" album is epic. Please, I want the new material.
  • <3
  • This makes me feel being on a ancient Greek market place
  • Should I give up hopes for new material? Their website has been under construction for ages...


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