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  • Cowboy Mouth is such an amazing Band!!!
  • Concert photos!:
  • Im 16 and been to 6 concerts total. 3 of them were cowboy mouth at the great 9:30 Club in DC. Ive also been to the Who and Springsteen. Neither compares to the religious experience of a Mouth concert.
  • I love Cowboy Mouth, the first song I ever heard from them was Breakup Song and it made me want get all their albums... But the thing is that this song isn' t on any album and I wasn't able to find any compilation album with that song on it, somebody can help me and tells me where it's from?
  • The recordings are great, but their live show takes it to a completely higher level. I promise, if you're not drenched in sweat and hoarse by the end of their set - you're doing it wrong.
  • Joe Strummer song is great
  • NOLA Jazzfest here I come - Cant wait to see you play this year
  • Did you guys see Cowboy Mouth at Tempe Music Festival?
  • SO GOOD LIVE. One of the mainstays that keeps me going to jazz fest every year. <3
  • I absolutely love these guys!! They are one of the best shows I have seen. But the BEST without all the extras!! Which is awesome!!! I have seen them live 3 times and I try to catch them everytime they are around. :)
  • These guys are pure awesome. One of the best live shows of my life and the music is phenomenal on its own. Why they aren't among the biggest bands in the nation is beyond me.
  • I'd never heard of these guys until I watched this video from SoCo. It has a brief interview with the drummer and then a performance. I thought it was cool so I figured fans would enjoy it as well. (The first part is with Ozomatli, but they come after.)
  • These guys are so excellent live. I have tried to see them every time they're in New York.
  • I love them so very very much. esp at jazz fest. they were great last year, pouring rain and all. :D
  • I dearly love Louisiana-originated music....=)
  • I've loved this band since 1995, but I still haven't seen them live or bought a CD. That needs to change.
  • Makes me want to go to mid-city lanes
  • Tickets for Cowboy Mouth in Houston are available now.
  • Be cool if all 8 albums were here!
  • HUGE CM fan...see y'all at jazzfest!!!
  • love CM though
  • fucking sucks! want to hear the whole song HELLO!!!!!
  • Joe Strummer is a great song and honor to the man.
  • What the crap? I thought more people knew these guys.
  • She had to gooo, cause she didn't know who Joe Strummer was!
  • Got a picture with me and Fred from when I was like 7. I also possess autographed drumsticks :D. Come back to Austin!!!
  • I ADORE COWBOY MOUTH! Love, love, love this band! They need to add song to this site so others can learn to love them too!!
  • I thought I was the only one who remembered cowboy mouth anymore
  • this band rocks!

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