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  • Avatar de whoisbaah
    rainha das porras todas
  • Avatar de dersonveloso
    I wanna be your girlfriend / I wanna ride your bratmobile
  • Avatar de icantgofar
    courtney is my religion i dont even fucking care
  • Avatar de JenniferSpears
    os lançamentos dela estão bem bagunçados sos
  • Avatar de nelin9
    Sign to bring back the old Last FM ... This new one is missing to many of the features that made it good.
  • Avatar de foxyluva
    New song "Killer Radio"
  • Avatar de FaceOfInsanity
    Miss Narcissist!!! [8] Totally in love! It's even better than Wedding Day. Courtney, be my Bitch, please!!
  • Avatar de Driel_Cobain
    Dona do meu cu [3] kkkkk
  • Avatar de tonnyaranha
    dona do meu cu [2]
  • Avatar de heartbreakdown
    dona do meu cu
  • Avatar de m2a1
    Miss Narcissist ♥ [7] I want new album so badly!
  • Avatar de laryoverkill
    Courtney Love Cobain (São Francisco, 9 de julho de 1964), Musicista, Compositora, Atriz, Ativista, Celebridade. Existem poucos artistas que se encaixam em todas as categorias acima, pessoas cuja vida e cujo trabalho são impossíveis de classificar. Há apenas uma, Courtney Love. suck it haters
  • Avatar de Pavatiofficial
    You are the Queen, Courtney. You did it, girl. Thank you for your albums, your music, your strengnth and your rock'n'roll charms. I love you so much
  • Avatar de cantrells
  • Avatar de Theelusiveg0y
    Miss Narcissist!!! [5]
  • Avatar de scrmnbloodymrdr
    ME ME ME!!!
  • Avatar de maidenofmight
    miss narcissist, it's us versus them
  • Avatar de ziggybiscuits
    Miss Narcissist!!! [4]
  • Avatar de Joshy1kz
    Miss Narcissist!!! [3]
  • Avatar de cella_cuatroxx
    Miss Narcissist!!! [2]
  • Avatar de geidiprimes
    Miss Narcissist!!!
  • Avatar de bettiedita
  • Avatar de Nimbie
    Eric (Erlandson) likes the band btw
  • Avatar de scottdoesntknow
    What I talk about when I talk about Courtney Love— the woman herself. Seriously, anyone who names her band after her ex-roommate isn't even worth fucking listening to.
  • Avatar de scottdoesntknow
    Courtney has a new single, "Miss Narcissist" on Spotify right now!
  • Avatar de GuWerneck
  • Avatar de almostuncool
    Walk Out On Me <3
  • Avatar de omyheart
    what i talk when i talk about courtney love: the band from olympia, not the singer.
  • Avatar de koariko
    I wish Courtney came to Moscow someday.
  • Avatar de deadgrandma
    Died Blonde When
  • Avatar de bettiedita
    new photos please up
  • Avatar de IamFlood
    i heard she holds it dude. totally holds it
  • Avatar de Aiko4985
    Happy Birthday, Court <3.
  • Avatar de Fer_aeae
    Wedding Day is a lot better than Mono.
  • Avatar de JosiHell
    And the sky was all violet/ I wanna give my violet more violence♪♫
  • Avatar de TyDy94
    Courtney's music is perfect. Hole's music is perfect. Celebrity Skin and Live Through This changed my life. Enough said. I can't wait for her new album.
  • Avatar de juliacfonseca
    Musa *-*
  • Avatar de punksunshine
    Seeing her in London make me love her even more. ♥
  • Avatar de kapika
    surprisingly outstanding gig in leeds last friday :3
  • Avatar de mothcake
    I saw her last night and she was unbelievably good.
  • Avatar de almostuncool
    Wedding Day >>>
  • Avatar de helonanabila
    Wedding Day <3
  • Avatar de ymichael21
  • Avatar de Honeysuckle_
    Wedding Day delicioooosa feat gatérrima
  • Avatar de Lucky_star69
    vote up
  • Avatar de kitsunee
    wedding day is better
  • Avatar de Frankenhoker
    Can't wait for the next album!!
  • Avatar de TASpark658
    WD is even better!! :)
  • Avatar de aeglenchild
    wedding day audio
  • Avatar de Sebitude
    You know my name! ❤️


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