• Lexi Belle

    Ago 6 2009, 0h18 por teecane

    So, I've been on a screamo kick for the last couple weeks. At least I think it's been a couple weeks. My sense of time has just gotten more and more fucked up this summer.

    I just found out about Saetia, you know, maybe two and a half months ago. Since I started using my account again, the better part of a year now, and especially since I joined get rad, in April I think, I've really taken a more active role in the breadth of my own horizons. Twee was something good that came of that (not that I have a very good sense of it yet), and a lot of "rad" bands that I kind of had to listen to several times to appreciate, but most naturally Cougar in the Workplace.

    So, like I was saying, I found out about Saetia a couple months ago, and sometime after that, Ariadne's Thread, a great band. I just love the former's sound, even if they are a little young; since then, I've discovered that the elements most important to me are loud-soft dynamics, screamy vocals, melody/melodicness…