• Copper Wimmin

    Mar 9 2006, 16h55 por soulfighter

    I found a new band yesterday. Copper Wimmin. And I feel blessed.

    They're three lovely ladies from LA singing a cappella and delicately accompanied songs. The music breaths folk, beauty and egerness. Their albums are sold by CD baby (hence, they're independent). I just have to put in an order on the right to be here and think I gonna get the Joe Purdy album Julie Blue at the same time. His song "wash away" was featured in Lost and it really stood out. His music is acoustic, a little bit country and sounds like it comes from a place connected to the sixties through a worm hole.


    Back to Copper Wimmin, their song too I heard in a tv-show, "bleeding rivers" was played during the closing titles of the L word: episode nine, season three. It made me think a bit about irish folk music, their influences seem to be diverse. The harmonies and and richness of the song was almost earie. …