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Cop Shoot Cop foi um grupo musical de rock fundado em Nova York, em 1987. Eles se separou em 1996. A banda foi muitas vezes classificada como rock industrial, mas foram muitas vezes bem diferentes de muitas bandas assim classificadas, com uma programação instrumental distinta que englobava guitarras, dois baixos, percussão e metais e, algumas vezes, a ausência de guitarras.

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  • These guys ruled. Incredibly underappreciated, just like the Cows. Firewater is a cool band well worth checking out, too.
  • Quality lyrics and top songwriting, Consumer Revolt is still great.
  • Trident, you're a turd. No one sounds quite like Cop Shoot Cop.
  • consumer revolt is some top tier shit
  • скучная хуета
  • holy shit why am I just discovering this. this is awesome.
  • It sure isn't refreshing, in fact it shows its age quite much, but it's still good.
  • I didn't get to hear any of this stuff when it first came out. I'm listening to White Noise for the first time this very evening. Is it wrong to consider a record that is almost as old as I am 'refreshing'? I don't want to say it was ahead of its time; I can hear the influences - I hear some of The Birthday Party right alongside some Melvins, a teensy bit of Idiot Flesh... and this dates it. But this isn't a bad thing; a lot of music from back then has this tense, dingy, rusted edge to it - something that really puts the underbelly of that musical era into direct focus. It's distinct in that regard. Not that modern music lacks anything; on the contrary, there are a lot of bands that I absolutely love that are less than 5 years formed - It's just *different*. But man. I'm glad that somewhere out there, in space and time, that there is/was someone out there just as pissed off and jaded as I am; and was far better at putting it into words.
  • Probably the best bootleg/live recording I've seen of them:
  • Furnace has killer riff

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