• TDR LP02 Comfort Fit - Forget and Remember

    Ago 18 2007, 21h23 por pilot77

    The long-awaited new album from Comfort Fit finally drops!

    File this one under Hip Hop Instrumentals Deluxe!

    These cripsy beats are ripe with thumping funk and techno influences, sample wizardry and daring shuffles. Composed with the help of unique sound plugins which were especially programmed to measure Comfort Fit’s needs and wishes, we think the chances aren’t bad that you’ll fall for the unique sound signature, bounce and elegance of this tight Hip Hop production.

    Like the best mixtapes this thing plays strongly as a whole - no matter if it’s about classic Jazz impressions (’miles of smiles’), Theo Parrish references (’Take a Look’), Hip Hop bouncers (’True Form’, ‘Hairy Crushed Nuts’, ‘The Hunt’), scarily deep intergalactic grooves (’planetary picknick’) or love themes (’she knows me now’), all the album tracks are locked together closely and must be seen as a whole.

    Skipping through this album is not allowed. ‘Forget and Remember’ is more than just beat fodder for your next mixtape…