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  • photos from Toronto -
  • Toronto show was AMAZING!
  • This man puts on a sick live show. So bomb
  • so amazing
  • him and XV should do some shit together....
  • CHILDISH GLOVER in Toronto tonight!! So excited :)
  • [url=]Fuck It All.[/url]
  • swag!
  • <3
  • He's so damn good! Go Troy!!!
  • I just discovered this. And I'm so glad I did. Shit's dope
  • so freaking great - writing for the best seasons of 30 rock, Community (one of my favorite shows on TV now), and your albums. Fairly Coherent featured you at:
  • next stop on the iamDONALD tour?? PHILLLYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY
  • Where's Abed?
  • fuck the EP is tight
  • soo good.
  • wheres chad?
  • LGS
    hollering at this japanese girl. asian mami. but is it too soon for japanese girls? 'too sunami?' is it racist if i say she taste like edemame? was i supposed to stay uncool, please remind me.
  • Hovy with glasses, Weezy but geeky.
  • idk if you read this but you have been my nigga since derrick comedy and i support the fuck outta you
  • Amazing man, my idol!
  • Well, it is subjective. I love both and am slowly working my way through his older stuff. Not really keen on it. CUL and EP are from the same... thing.
  • EP is awesome, Culdesac was ahh... So bad.
  • You can't, but his music is free on his website.
  • how do i get it on itunes?
  • A decent + technical rapper, and he is funny and sincere in his lyrics, which makes me enjoy his music. ALOT
  • He's not an outstanding rapper by any means, but his music is enjoyable.. he's very talented
  • Freaks and Geeks. I can’t stop playing this song right now. Donald Glover is easily one of the smartest talents of our time.
  • isn't this the guy from derrickcomedy
  • he can be a little corny at times, but he's entertaining as hell.
  • i think he's more like big boi of outkast than anyone else that others have mentioned
  • much better than i would have ever thought
  • there isn't a thing that Donald Glover can't do. he's one of my favorite people in entrainment easily. I actually think his writing for 30 Rock is his loftiest achievement, that show is hilarious.
  • Why is The Last not number one?
  • very nice
  • Love how he references other tracks in his songs. It makes me feel rewarded for listening to previous releases.
  • Recent ABC News interview:
  • set the game ablaze I'm an arcade fire @_@
  • Lyrical genius.
  • @keybo so jealous you saw abed. i would die.
  • NBC is not the only thing I'm coming on tonight ... GROSS.
  • Love it! Keep it up Donald! Your music keeps me going on those long school days where I'm stuck on campus!!
  • swag.
  • trust in gambino
  • He's like Charles Hamilton mixed with Hodgy Beats
  • He opened for himself!!! Amazing show last night at the Music Box in Hollywood. The sign read: Goldenvoice Presents Childish Gambino & Donald Glover. Saw Abed and Shirley in the crowd. Abed was dancing a fool right in front of us.
  • I love Community, and I just figured out that Donald Glover is also a rapper... I am speechless O:
  • Seeing him live in Dallas. Fuck yeah.


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