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Chicane é um ato eletrônico da música dance, e o projeto do músico inglês e produtor Nick Bracegirdle, nascido em 28 fevereiro 1971, em St Giles de Chalfont, Buckinghamshire. Chicane é conhecido pelos singles "Offshore", um hino para Ibiza incluído em muitas compilações nas versões chillout e dance; "Saltwater", que caracterizou os vocais de Clannad membro Máire Brennan e é um dos mais bem-conhecidos singles do trance; "Don't Give Up", caracterizado pelos vocais de Bryan Adams, e um dos hits… leia mais

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  • Avatar de StarvedTrancer
    Chicane, RIP Commercial True Oldschool Trance 1995-2000. And now 2003 Pop style. But, few tracks really awesome, for example: "In Praise of the Sun" "Spirit" "The Nothing Song" "Titles"
  • Avatar de MyJobRating
    Fantastic sound
  • Avatar de nickmagic
    I Dream....Citizens [Remix] (Extended Version 9:22 Mixed with part 1 & 3 di Sunstroke (Disco Citizen's Remix) is The Overture /Opening of...Dream Magic Prestige Concert Future in Classic Music of Chicane...
  • Avatar de Abe-X
    And those two albums (Far From The Maddening Crowds and Behind The Sun) don't feature any Sigur Rós ripoffs. I agree that it is stupid to copy songs and melodies from Sigur Rós and I'm not trying to defend his newer albums (imo they suck) but trying to say that you can still like the "Old Chicane" without liking his newer stuff.
  • Avatar de Abe-X
    Chicane's best record came out before Sigur Rós had even created a single good album, so I don't really see a reason to hate the whole artist for things he has done nowadays with his newer albums, since the old albums are the best actual ibiza trance albums he has done.
  • Avatar de Aartmusic
    Eglise is a copy of 'Jonsi & Alex - Boy 1904' Hljop is a copy of 'Coldplay - Don't Let it Break Your Heart' The Nothing Song, Middledistancerunner and Titles are all copies of 'Sigur Ros - Njosnavelin' Poppiholla is of course a copy of 'Sigur Ros - Hoppipolla' Fin des Jours and Goldfish are copies of 'Jonsi & Alex - Atlas Song' and so forth
  • Avatar de Aartmusic
    I used to love him, but I considered this man sucks. All he does is copying songs and melodies of Sigur Ros and Jonsi & Alex. On some tracks he adds some cheap house synths and that's it.
  • Avatar de DeusDaEDM
    New album is awesome.
  • Avatar de vaidabhishek
    Oxygen is a good one
  • Avatar de shigemii

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