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The band consists of YouTubers Alex Day (Nerimon), Charlie McDonnell (CharlieIsSoCoolLike), Chris Beattie (Ginger Chris) & Liam Dryden (LittleRadge). Chameleon Circuit was formed in August 2008 & they are, in fact, the first Trock band ever created. Charlie McDonnell is the lead guitarist.

They are part of the record label known as DFTBA Records, along with other artists such as Hank Green.

The band are currently working on their first album, self-titled Chameleon Circuit. Their album will consist of 10 songs & was to be available for download as well as in a hard copy starting in January 2009. It is now said that the release date shall be around 1st May 2009.

In reference to the TV show Doctor Who, the Chameleon Circuit is the component of a TARDIS that allows for a distinct change in shape in order for the ship to match its surroundings and remain inconspicuous. The circuit on the Doctor's TARDIS has malfunctioned, leaving it stuck in the shape of a 1950s-style British police box. Attempts to repair the circuit have led to unpredictable results, including the TARDIS taking on the form of a pipe-organ (on which The Doctor sarcastically plays a few notes of J.S. Bach's Toccata and Fugue in D minor). Since these episodes, the Doctor has said that he has become fond of the Police Box form ("Boom Town"), and so has stopped trying to repair it.

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