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Celtic Frost foi uma banda formada em Zurich, Suíça em 1984.É considerada uma das banda pioneiras do black metal assim como Hellhammer e Venom.

Os dois primeiros produtos fonográficos do Celtic Frost, os EPs “Morbid Tales” e “Emperor’s Return”, traziam a mesma proposta básica do Hellhammer, mas muito mais evoluída e musicalmente relevante. Os fãs mais radicais do Hellhammer não aceitaram aquela mudança, mas foram…

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  • v Couldn't agree more. Though, Morbid Tales :D
  • Oh come on, Monotheist is a fucking masterpiece
  • "They cannot fail!" <- well, Monotheist is fucking horrible if you ask me, I prefer Cold Lake 1000 times over that snorefest. But that's just my shitty opinion, no offense!
  • Was always years ahead of its time \m/
  • i am..dying.god coming into human flesh.all hail celtic frost!
  • To Mega Therion!
  • "sometimes awesome albums are created by accident" Cold Lake wasn't even an accident. If they had had success in their selling out, I BET they would, until today, praise that album. Tom only bashes it because it failed to fill his ass up with money. Once I saw him talking about the album, he said they wasn't selling out, he was just in a happy moment in his life, that's why they stopped doing "dark" music and started playing like that. I was even believing it, until I saw that japanese black metal band Sigh posting a history on Facebook, in which they told us about a dude from that canadian thrash metal Aggression. He was called to join the band (the Frost, not Sigh), and when he arrived at Switzerland and rehearsed with the guys, and I think it was late 86, right after the rehearsal he refused and came back to Canada, and can you guys wonder why? YEAH, BECAUSE HE SAW THAT THEY WERE PLAYING GLAM/HARD ROCK-LIKE SONGS, TWO YEARS BEFORE COLD LAKE!!!! It was all a plain, in their mind.
  • Ouch.
  • ...glam metal
  • This band is capable of pulling of any kind of music. They cannot fail! Name the weirdest genre of music of all-time, they know how to perform it!

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