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  • Viel Bewegung, auf kleinem Raum...suppi.
  • This can't be the dude's regular speaking voice can it? I'd love to hear him order a quarter pounder with cheese in a drive through.
  • Correct title is "Word Up!" So I just unhearted "Word Up" and hearted the version with a !. (On a side note: Korn covered this song? LOL. I remember hearing their cover of "Lowrider" back in '96, so I guess I'm not surprised they'd also cover some Cameo.)
  • SUCK A DJ!
  • Love you all guys, I was brain dead for some years and my labrary and playlist requests are smoothly driving my brain to my memories and warmer future plans. Ones again LOVE U ALL ...
  • What can I say ..... word up
  • HOT
  • we don't have no time for psychological romance
  • erinnert mich an "duchgetanzte" Nächte :-) Wer hätte das gedacht?
  • Gah, those drums! Awesome!
  • erinnert mich an "duchgetanzte" Nächte :-)
  • again this brings back all those memories that I love soooooo much love u Cameo
  • funkiger gehts nimma
  • Still remember when this came out. Cool jam!
  • getitonyourway
  • W!.. O!.. R, D! Up!
  • KoRn comes close, but the original just can't be beat!
  • LUV DIS JAM!!!
  • One of my favorites!!!!
  • I just love that voice comes in strong at 3:20 - man, that dude holds that note with real chops. The whole song is just funkytastic fun but that piece there puts this thing over the top.
  • woord op!
  • What an awesome song! I use this as my ringtone for my daughter....
  • Cameo Mr. Funky Sang Twang Slang Larry Blackmon
  • :)
  • @Mozdoggy: Thanks for the insight related to this song! Cheers!
  • All the way fro Mozambique/Maputo. We used to dance this in during the civil war time, music was the best thing we had, it made us forget about the reality of those days. Its a pitty that this artist's are gone and maybe they will never realise that they influenced the music and life of people this far. Cheers
  • Sing all ye people!
  • One of the best cameo funk, today an'ever.
  • Jiggin'
  • word up
  • WORD!!!!
  • OH HELL YEAH................
  • WORD !
  • you got to get it under way?
  • If there ever was such a genre known as "rock disco" then this would be the cream of the crop, fascinating song that never ceases to thrill, wonderful
  • When you hear the call you got to get it underway!!
  • Awesome track and great video. Did anyone else seen the guy who played Geordie Laforge from Star Trek the Next Generation in the video???
  • Word Up!!!
  • Can't help but dance, dance, dance...!!!
  • Excelent funky music que hace sentir y bailar !!!
  • I agree with all of you, This track is truly a fucking funky great utterly mesmerizing funk classic of all time that rocked the house and still rocks the house. I luv this song! From back in the day at the club! It really is love at first hearing! WORD UP!! To Cameo and to all of you my friends!!
  • <----this guy karaokes this song like a champ :P with a bit of liberty after the 2 main verses ;)
  • fucking funky great........!!!!
  • Yeah! utterly mesmerizing track!


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