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  • Avatar de ruszaj
  • Avatar de midk
    148... what an album! <3
  • Avatar de fodaseessamerda
    new cd out today, 148
  • Avatar de SirGhostly
    minecraft volume gamma when
  • Avatar de Edge_Flight
    Please, never change.
  • Avatar de gn_friday
    Please sign this petition to BRING THE OLD LAST.FM back:
  • Avatar de Insanitarium_
    Sweden <3
  • Avatar de Asomatica
    Pedophile supporting piece of shit.
  • Avatar de koolakalle
    He should tour
  • Avatar de g0thicnightmare
    Cat and thirteen are really good
  • Avatar de KaffeTomten
    Dudes! i've totaly forgot how awesome soundtrack minecraft had.
  • Avatar de Sydward
    Sweden is a masterpiece. [2]
  • Avatar de BlubDaLegend
    Awesuum :)
  • Avatar de theironictea
    It's funny how his Minecraft music brings so many memories, even though it's randomized and not scripted when it starts in the game. Amazing.
  • Avatar de BronyfiedP
    Zweiton is awesome. His other work is awesome, too, but this song is just... wow.
  • Avatar de Igor_Zukunft
    I hope now he can afford mixing.
  • Avatar de Ambryer
    talented,especially black disc it's such exquisite
  • Avatar de Naninthebox
    I'm in love with your music. :)
  • Avatar de Nazgullian
    Ahhh, nostalgia, and some new.
  • Avatar de Collector97
    Его музыка расслабляет ^_^
  • Avatar de Rirakoo
    Люблю эту музыку.Ашесоме.
  • Avatar de Aeridan
    Volume Beta is great :) I'm very excited about which tracks will be featured in the next version(s) of the game... I hope "Alpha" is among them! Longtracks suit you ;)
  • Avatar de KingAzakun
    "Minecraft - Volume Beta" released yesterday, so anxious to hear it :)
  • Avatar de CustomCabF100
    Great stuff.
  • Avatar de Cinskiy
    Hey, guys I made a voxel game, you might like it:
  • Avatar de UntoAshes
    Guy makes good music, kind of a shit sound designer though.
  • Avatar de SPHRTH
    Fucking hell why is Circle so damn good
  • Avatar de IamChaoz
    despite Minecraft going down the shit hole a long time ago, this guy still manages to make great music
  • Avatar de garbuh
    да сосите болт нахуй, саундтрек из майкрафта его лучший релиз
  • Avatar de Enokii
    perty sure daniel is happy about it
  • Avatar de gravityDX
    I dream with this music
  • Avatar de fabl10
    Why are you mad? Minecraft made him more famous and got him more money, which is good for any artist.
  • Avatar de Sydstone
    Stupid Minecraft fanbase. C418 is not only Minecraft Volume Alpha. I feel so bad for Daniel because of this people.
  • Avatar de kurookuma
    love u and your music!
  • Avatar de atia-
    epic game and music <3
  • Avatar de eamesss
    His music actually relaxes me a lot??? Awesome
  • Avatar de sanvolik
  • Avatar de mushroomsseason
    5ooo n1c3
  • Avatar de angel_mandu
    a pleasure to discover [x2]
  • Avatar de rionka
    The "Seven Years of Server Data" is a great collection :) thanks!
  • Avatar de Cknight70
    What salunya said
  • Avatar de salunya
    Thank you Notch for giving us this guy. PS Minecraft ended at 1.7.3 for me :)
  • Avatar de cekay69
    a pleasure to discover
  • Avatar de sohnemann
    My favorite tunes are still some unreleased tunes from 2006 I have found on my server recently. /massive-hipster-mode New stuff's cool, too, tho. :P
  • Avatar de ElectricWaffle
    Mmmmmm it was a privaledge to experience you
  • Avatar de mushroomsseason
    wow! just wow!...
  • Avatar de PinkM0nster
    Agreed. I just spent a couple of weeks in Berlin for christmas and One as well as Daniel's other work was the soundtrack of my break. Especially the Berlin tracks from Life Changing Moments. C418 you are incredible!
  • Avatar de ClavinetD6
    ONE is absolute fantastic.
  • Avatar de BluishPenguin
    The Soundtrack for the Minecraft documentary called "One" is now out. 90 minutes of fantastic Music for mere 7 bucks at bandcamp...
  • Avatar de Raskor94
    massive qt


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