• Top 50 Artists Questions

    Nov 30 2010, 3h46 por Luiz_Landa

    01. What's your favourite song by no.27? C.A.R.N.E.
    Natural Born Big Tits

    02. Do you own any album of no.8? Testament
    Practice What You Preach

    03. Do you think you might become a fan of no.33 in the future? Annihilator
    Can't see myself as one.

    04. How did you get into no.15? Cannibal Corpse
    I listened to Hammer Smashed Face with a friend.. then I started listening to more CC

    05. What was your first opinion about no.18? Alice in Chains
    Layne Staley's voice is great.

    06. How long have you known and listened to artist no.9? Exodus
    Since may 2010.

    07. Do you wish to become a member of no.13? Destruction
    Would be cool

    08. What song of no. 28 pay your attention the most and makes that you can listen to others? Warbringer
    Abandoned By Time

    09. Is there any negative association with no.39? Muse
    Some bad memories I think.

    10. What's the most noticeable track of no.34 for you? Vio-Lence
    Serial Killer

    11. Do you associate something that happened in the past with no.47? Bathory