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  • Strinsg! Strinsg!
  • Nice, nice...
  • Beautiful. So moving to see Brian able to do this after all that time!
  • Perfect song. Brian's voice has not so much deteriorated as matured into a new register, but the music is as wonderful as ever.
  • People who says his voice is deteriorated... it's obvious man, he's 70 years old, he's not a child anymore... although this song is great and the Smile version is wonderful. Stop being pretentious and enjoy this great music
  • Stunning... gorgeous... moves me each time I hear it.
  • The Smile version is the ultimate realization of his vision for the song. But his voice has really deteriorated over the years, and he doesn't quite soar like he did in the song's early life. I love every version out there, but the one on Smile is definitive.
  • The best version is the Smile one, DEAL WITH IT
  • The original version is WAYYYYYYYY better
  • Both versions are quite good.
  • The Purple Chick SMiLE is amazing; I wish Capitol would attempt releasing something like that.
  • bad. brian can't hit the high note anymore! he needs a backup! purple chick all the way
  • beautiful ;__;
  • a chiiiildren's sooong
  • the version on smile is perfect, one of my favorite tunes ever
  • makes me =)
  • This version is of course beautiful, but the Beach Boys version is stunning ... the voices were younger and had more range - much more playful, and yet just as serious. My favourite pop song of all time, bar none.
  • The last minute is euphoric.
  • LOVE
  • the sequence from WONDERFUL until Surf's up is amazing!
  • Pure beauty.
  • mmm a lil´ bit.
  • Is it blasphemy for me to say that I prefer the Beach Boys version?
  • <3

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