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  • <3
  • where you've been don't bother me nor bring me down in sorrow
  • I don't like how they are keeping all the recordings for "limited editions". I'd much rather pay $100 for all the recordings and them keep the booklet and various bells and whistles for the limited editions. Really disappointed, as I don't have $600 to spend. I'll shell out the cash for the 6 cd edition though, and I'm sure someone will put up a torrent with every recording.
  • Of course, and "50th Anniversary!" is good marketing in the first place. Two birds, one stone ... but no complaints here. One fine day the Gospel Era will get its Bootleg Series due, I have no doubt. All in good time.
  • I suppose it will also serve as a Copyright Extension Collection for 65 and 66.
  • New Bootleg Series is gonna kick ass! Good timing too, as I only just got into Blonde on Blonde for real earlier this year. Getting to hear the full sessions with that crazy band of Nashville magicians is gonna be something else.
  • 1.000 Dylan scrobbles!
  • Yes! Waitin collegtor's edition.
  • New Bootleg Series entry on the way!
  • Please, people, sign the petition.
  • Hah, indeed. The old approach must be working plenty well for these advertisers. The ship ain't come in yet...
  • Impossible to believe that all the great trilogy of mid-60s albums came out five whole decades ago. They still sound every bit as urgent and prescient as they ever have. "Advertising signs that con you into thinking you're the one, that can do what's never been done, that can win what's never been won..."
  • Also, I think Shadows in the Night is a really good record. When I heard about the album before it was released I was admittedly very skeptical, but Bob and his band really delivered. The atmosphere and the performances are stunning.
  • Yeah, Astral Weeks is incredible from a sonic perspective of course but the lyrics are great too. A line like "I believe I'll go walking by the railroad with my cherry cherry wine" is just heavenly, and that record is full of them, these vivid words that conjure up specific scenes and take you to other places.
  • All worthies, aye. I tend to forget how good Van's lyrics are because his singing and his bands kick so much ass and hog the attention... but then I read the lyrics to something like Foreign Window, or Astral Weeks, or St. Dominic's Preview, and I do indeed come away awed.
  • @TheUselessGolem I'd include Townes Van Zandt, Neil Young, Van Morrison, Lou Reed and a few others in that company.
  • Apparently Van Morrison wrote Foreign Window about Bob. It's a gorgeous song.
  • comparisons and comparisons below my box. Oh lord, such a tricky thing.
  • Happy 50 birthday to a masterpiece "Highway 61 Revisited" :)
  • come here, she said, I'll give ya' shelter from the storm
  • FoolMeThrice, may I qualify your statement by suggesting it's a case of classic Internet megaoverexaggeration? (Though God knows I've been guilty of that thousands of times in the past myself.) Dylan is a hell of a lyricist, yes, visionary, direct, wonderfully clever and imaginative, heartfelt, stirring... but an actual list of "the greatest poets in history" would, well... (and relating to the shout below, I think Dylan's greatest contributions to music are in his singing and phrasing moreso than his lyrics - even though it's true that of those lyricsts I know well, only a small handful compare or come close - Robert Hunter, Leonard Cohen, Brian Eno, Ian Anderson at his best.)
  • nospr, it's just as Ralf says. When I listen to Dylan albums in full I take it for granted sometimes (idiot), but man, when a song of his comes up on shuffle? Holy shit. My favorite singer in pop/rock and roll, both hands all the way down. If You See Her Say Hello woke up to me after several years of acquaintance with Blood on the Tracks lately, just because it came up randomly on a friend's iPod. It's a more beautiful song than I'd ever really realized (late-album fatigue, perhaps, since song after song is so good) but the singing! Splendid, sweet liquid burning gold.
  • (No pun intended, really...)
  • Horse_Deceased, I love that you recommended that particular photo - great to see it way up at 21! I remember pushing for it years ago without much success. Guess the photo's own awesomeness kept things rolling.
  • Once you really do nospr, that's the only voice you'll wanna hear!
  • I came to the conclusion yesterday that Bob Dylan needs to be considered one of the greatest poets in history. Regardless of what you think of his singing (which has, and I'm not lying, never bothered me in the slightest), his lyrics are in and of themselves sublime. From Freewheelin' up to present day, his words are intrinsically important. Saying he is one of the best song-writers of all time is, frankly, insulting. He is way beyond the realm of merely lyrics.
  • Horrible vocals, I have no idea how to get into this sort of music.
  • I´d like to hear some Nashville Skyline Takes, that did not appear on the record, but there is not much to find. You guys think it might be centered in the Bootlegseries someday? Because there has to be some stuff like the session with Cash. I hoped there would be some material on Another Selfpotrait, but it was just two tracks.
  • Dylan will always be the best songwriter to me
  • WTF you on about @Fleurs_du_LA
  • Bob Dylan-----Love
  • Lyrical beast. [2]
  • The greatest lyricist of all time. [2]
  • The greatest lyricist of all time.
  • average, but with huge lobby. always a winning team
  • Genius ♥
  • i haven't seen a lot of people talk about his new album which is a shame i thought it was really great, in my top 3 AOTY so far
  • I can write you poems, make a strong man lose his mind. I’m no pig without a wig. I hope you treat me kind. Things are breakin’ up out there. High water everywhere.
  • Oh, it may be the devil, or it may be the LORD, but you're gonna have to serve somebody! Serrrrve some-bod-y!
  • Listening to Nashville Skyline on my Pioneer 550....forgot how much I love this man's music.
  • his lyrics are without comparison. i liked him better when he called himself bod, though.
  • No allowance for the other, FoolmeThrice? (On a less allusive note, time is taking none of the glow away from the Lost on the River release. Part two, come oooon! But I know it might be another year or two.)
  • a musica romance no desrto cantada pelo Fagner e bate bate a porta do ceu cantada por ze ramalho são versões brasileiras de 2 musicas do bob dylan


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