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  • If anyone has lyrics of this band, please message me.
  • BOaT are easily one of my favorite bands
  • japanese boat < american boat
  • japanese boat > american boat
  • Japanese BOaT is GOAT
  • wait, when did which boat pick up? i'm used of these dudes existing outside of spacetime
  • BOat is great. I'm digging this track Roots of Summer.
  • pavement clone
  • Dress Like Your Idols is killer!
  • I have yet to listen to Japanese BOaT, and they look pretty cool, but right now BOAT are shaping up to be my new absolute favorite band. They fucking rule, holy shit.
  • hit me up if you want the lyrics of JP boat.
  • You might wanna check in the CD's lyric sheet.
  • will BOAT ever tour in the UK??
  • BOaT forever
  • Digging Dress Like Your Idols. Need to listen to more of these guys.
  • does someone has lyrics from BOaT's albums? i searched hard on Google... but the only lyrics I can find is 夕日 and 狂言メッセージ because it was featured in 住所不定無職の歌詞リスト. :/ I want RORO lyrics so badly. ))))))):
  • JAPAN...
  • dressing like my idols has made me the man i am today.
  • fuck your generic indie bullshit and listen to real music, like BOaT
  • lol @ tags. japanese, not japanese.
  • Japanese????????
  • развелось этих псевдо-инди групп, не отличишь их между собой
  • new album? I mean, what the fuck. didn't even hear about it.
  • *obligatory "no, the band i like that has the same spelling is better" shout*
  • Someone updated the wiki so that BOaT is buried underneath the ridiculously long bio for that other BOAT band that still plays. BOaT forever.
  • hey, trying to buy roro here but having problems due to amazon japan's not liking me living in the us. any advice?
  • fuck that, the japanese BOaT is so amazing. RORO is fantastic.
  • get out japanese! its seattle indie magick
  • the whistling !
  • "japanese, rock, not japanese"? What the... :o
  • roro is awesome album but it's too "post rock"ish imo. it's just one of good post rock albums. in contrast, 3 albums before roro sound so unique and nothing sounds like these 3 for me.
  • I love your dead fish eyes.
  • wow BOAT(japan) cool music style why its splitting like this make me confused
  • soul, thrash, train is their worst by far imo. i'd rank them like this: 1) roro 2) listening suicidal 3) fruits lee 4) soul, thrash, train
  • BOAT @ nyc popfest 2010 !!
  • NIcE touch
  • F t W
  • BOaT ftw
  • Get outta here All Capitalized BOAT
  • Get outta here Japanese BOAT
  • for the japanese oen, negative condition!
  • i'm here for american boat
  • i'm here for japanese boat
  • Am confused...Are they japanese or not? For christ's sake
  • The source of so much confusion...
  • japanese BOaT ftw
  • for best indie music video live and acoustic go here:
  • I suppose there are more "BOAT" in the world.


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