• Playlists are Time Capsules

    Jul 20 2012, 16h40 por dinillusjon

    I was cleaning out my coat closet when I came across some playlists burned onto CDs that I made in college. Funny how playlists will take you back in time. I used to spend so much time immersed in music, constructing lists that could get me through whatever was going on. I remember these four playlists were a series that was therapeutic for me. It's interesting for me to reflect on them now.

    I. The October Sun and November Moon

    1) Over My Head (Cable Car) - The Fray
    never thought that you wanted to bring it down / i won't let it go down till we torch it ourselves

    2) How's It Gonna Be – Third Eye Blind
    when i say out loud / i want to get out of this / i wonder / is there anything I'm going to miss / i wonder / how it's going to be / when you don't know me

    3) Are You Happy Now? – Michelle Branch
    now, don’t just walk away / pretending everything’s okay / and you don’t care about me / and i know there’s just no use / when all your lies become your truths and i don’t care

  • Uncle Mike's A-Z Disc B

    Jan 17 2010, 1h51 por Joffi222

  • "congratulations"

    Jun 21 2009, 7h49 por rachelleTHRASH


    is that seat taken? congratulations. would you like to take a walk with me?

    my mind- it kind of goes fast. i try to slow it down for you. i think I'd love to take a drive. i want to give you something i've been wanting to give to you for years- my heart.

    my heart, my pain won't cover up. you left me. my heart won't take this cover up you left me.

    i came to see the light in my best friend. you seemed as happy as you'd ever been. my chance of being open was broken, and now you're mrs. him.

    my words- they don't come out right, but i'll try to say i'm happy for you. i think i'm going to take that drive. want to give you something i've been wanting to give to you for years- my heart.

    and i can't change this. i can never take it back, but now i can't change your mind. you left me. and i can't this. i can never take this back, but now i can't change your mind... can't change your mind. you left me, can't change your mind. you left me.

  • 2008 & The Music

    Dez 31 2008, 7h49 por polkageeks

    Top 15 Discoveries of 2008
    1. Blue October
    2. The Matches
    3. Avenged Sevenfold
    4. Atreyu
    5. Sunny Day Real Estate
    6. Thrice
    7. Ministry
    8. The Owls
    9. Fleet Foxes
    10. William Fitzsimmons
    11. Eyedea & Abilities
    12. Siouxsie and the Banshees
    13. Eisley
    14. Balance Problems
    15. Greg Laswell

    Music I Couldn't Live Without
    1. Muse
    - Their music walked me through the whole of this year, through good times and bad times. Also, their music provided me with inspiration for writing, my greatest passion. Eternally Missed, Easily, Hoodoo, Glorious, Stockholm Syndrome, Dead Star and Futurism hold special meanings for me.

    2. Blue October
    - The heart wrenching Congratulations didn't catch my attention at first, but when it did, I fell in love with it. I love Sound of Pulling Heaven Down, X-Amount of Words and Drop, too.

    3. Greg Laswell
    - He is an amazing songwriter, and he has a wonderful voice. Comes and Goes (In Waves) left a very deep impression on me.
  • OTR: Blue October - Foiled

    Ago 13 2008, 0h20 por warren33

    To me "You Make Me Smile" sounds more like a closing song than an opener, however Blue October opens their third album, Foiled with the song. Not a bad way to start at all, but my intuition would placed it at the finish of the album, rather than the start. "She's My Ride Home" would have stayed at track two, while I'd have opened with "Into the Ocean," which is the third track.

    Sequence nit-picking aside, Foiled is a very strong album, enough so that I became interested in the band again after passing on History For Sale (even though that album's lead single "Calling You" became a hit, and I've heard it, I'm still hard-pressed to remember the song). After "lackluster" sales of Blue October's major-label début, Consent to Treatment, Universal dropped the band. In response, they signed to independent label Brando and, from what I've read, produced a "fuck you" to Universal in the form of History For Sale in 2003. …
  • Congratulations

    Nov 26 2007, 21h41 por pendrago

    Is that seat taken
    Would you like to take a walk with me

    My mind it kind of goes fast
    I try to slow it down for you
    I think I'd love to take a drive
    I want to give you something
    I've been wanting to give to you for years
    My heart

    My heart, my pain won't cover up
    You left me.. hu hu hu hu
    My heart won't take this cover up
    You left me.. hu hu hu hu

    I came to see the light in my best friend
    You seemed as happy as you'd ever been
    My chance of being open was broken
    And now you're Mrs. him.

    My words they don't come out right
    But I'll try to say I'm happy for you
    I think I'm going to take that drive
    I want to give you something
    I've been wanting to give to you for years
    My hearts

    My heart, my pain won't cover up
    You left me.. hu hu hu hu
    My heart
    My heart won't take this cover up
    You left me.. hu hu hu hu

    And I can't change this
    I can never take it back
    But now I can't change your mind
    (You left me)
    And I can't this
  • You'll Never Guess.

    Ago 16 2007, 19h11 por leona-x

    I think this was previously a normal survey, so some of the numbers are missing and a lot of it doesn't make sense, but boredom can do that to a person.

    [1] What was the highlight of your week?
    I Think We're Alone Now
    Being alone? Not really, no.

    [2] Who's car were you in last?
    First Day of My Life
    Is this question ever going to make sense, no matter which song answers it? No.

    [3] When is the next time you will hold someone's hand?
    Suddenly I See
    I wish I would see.

    4] What shirt are you wearing?
    Let It Out
    A shirt made of Kleenex, perhaps ..

    [6] What was the last movie you watched like?
    I'm Not Okay (I Promise)
    That bad, huh?

    [7] Last thing you ate?
    Only One
    Well, actually I had two pieces of toast.

    [8] Last thing you drank?
    Build God, Then We'll Talk
    Wow. That would be a bit hard to get down.

    [9] Where did you sleep last night?
    Just Like Heaven
    That sounds wrong. I slept in my bed, honest. It was heavenly to have a good night's sleep though.

  • the 216 is always looking for new music

    Mai 15 2007, 3h48 por janeway216

    I'm getting kind of sick of the music I have. Not that I don't still love Michelle Branch and Imogen Heap -- they're top of my charts for a reason. But one can only listen to the same old music for so long before one's ears get worn out. So, the quest for new music.

    In no particular order, these are the last fifteen (or so) tracks I added to my collection:

    Take That - Shine
    Blue October - Congratulations
    Lemon Jelly - Nice Weather For Ducks
    Mazzy Star - Fade Into You
    Natasha Bedingfield - Silent Movie
    Orbital - Transient
    Röyksopp - Triumphant
    Semisonic - Closing Time
    Air - Ce Matin La
    Lamb - I Cry
    Lamb - Gorecki
    Jewel - Only One Too
    Daft Punk - Digital Love
    The Killers - When You Were Young
    Snow Patrol - Chasing Cars
    Junior Senior - Move Your Feet

    Well, at least I'm branching out a little.

    Mai 6 2007, 4h25 por levya

  • Top 20 Albums of 2006

    Jan 29 2007, 0h50 por AirwaveAngel

    2006 was an absolutely amazing year for rock music, one such as hasn't be seen in quite a long time. There was just such a flood of amazing music that came out that its really hard to make just a top 10 list as it just leaves out so many. So here they all are, in their glory, the top 20 albums of 2006.

    20. Atreyu - A Death-Grip on Yesterday

    Atreyu came out this year with a solid effort in the form of Deathgrip, though a short one. A good screamo record, its really "The Theft" that got it onto the list. As an album its more Atreyu, and while that isn't bad, its certainly not differentiating. But, it was still one of the better screamo efforts of the year, so here it is.

    19. Shaimus - Paper Sun

    If you've ever played Guitar Hero, you've heard of Shaimus. Their track "All Of This" graced the first GH, and became my instant favorite on the game. The record itself doesn't let anything down either, as they provide a solid rock listening. For a bunch of game programmers, they did a damn good job.