• seen the back of another black day

    Abr 25 2007, 1h19 por opiumtea

    So... taking a break from painting like a painting fiend to meet the AP deadlines to ramble uselessly about what I listened to last week. Right.

    01. Einsturzende Neubauten
    I've always been vaguely aware of them because they're connected to Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, but only recently started listening (obsessively) to them. The only full album I've got (this is a problem that will be remedied as soon as damn well possible... neeed moaarrr.) is Halber Mensch and it's been playing incessantly. FUTTER MEIN EGOOO. Yeah, I love them. More about Blixa down the page...
    Fur Wen Sind Die Blumen?

    02. Swans
    INTENSE. Droningly noisy buildups and crescendos and Michael Gira's rumbling baritone and Jarboe's lovely haunting voice.
    Song for the Sun

    03. Blitz
    I'm wondering if the Blitz this is linking to is actually the same band I was listening to this week, because 'oi punk' definitely wasn't it.
    Snappy post-punk, a bit like The Sound or The Comsat Angels. …