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Black Sabbath
Black Sabbath

Black Sabbath


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  • That fucking bass... Butler is God.
  • Fucking awesome album. Dark, sinister riffs.
  • The bass on this album is awesome. deserves more love!
  • masterpiece <3
  • Heard Black Sabbath, The Wizard, N.I.B. so many times it feels extremely refreshing to listen full album again. Great classic songs but feels so good to hear something else for a change. Pretty much like Run to the Hills, Enter Sandman, Breaking the Law etc.
  • My favourite by Sabbath! One of the best heavy metal albums ever.
  • q51
    long live metal!
  • This masterpiece was released 45 years ago today!
  • A Masterpiece
  • awesome <3
  • Definitely one of my favorite albums of all time
  • this album is amazing
  • this is like the best shiet ever
  • I love the sound of this one. It's not as heavy as some of the others (especially Master of Reality and Vol 4) but it has a dark atmosphere where everything is nonetheless exceptionally well produced. I've got a 1976 pressing of it that sounds particularly immaculate.
  • Their best, and most cohesive album. Paranoid, Master and Vol 4 are excellent but can't top this one. Everything fits together and works perfectly, no instrument dominates and each do their parts well. Master and Vol 4 are riff-monsters, Paranoid has amazing tracks but feels slightly stilted and hollow. Black Sabbath has it all--One of my favorite albums of all time.
  • I respect the later ones, but debut has that special bluesy eerie atmosphere that makes me think it's actually their best
  • I can't believe I only listened to this for the first time today! This is awesome, sweet mother of druidry!
  • Their best album, so far.
  • One of the best album covers ever, so dark and mystical :)
  • It's first wave metal, it feels tame in terms of heaviness because of it, of course it does, but that doesn't mean it's not metal. It is still significantly heavier than a great deal of Hard Rock (which is less-metal metal, more or less), back when it was released there almost nothing that could compite against this album in terms of heaviness, absolutely NO song in the world was as heavy as the t/t, and metal (especially doom metal) was also about atmospheres which this album has a good amount of. It still hasn't fully detangled itself from its Blues/Psychedelic origins, but it's still metal. And for the record, this wasn't considered metal when it first came out because Metal wasn't a thing; At first it was considered Progressive Rock, and was retroactively considered Metal years after.
  • Didn't get enough love from your parents, did you, the_raytownian?
  • awesome!
  • This is the Epitome of what I like to call "Metal Soul". Tony, Geezer, Ozzy, and Bill should be carved into the Top of the "Mount Rushmore" of killer music !!!
  • 44 years ago...
  • "somebody know something about the woman in black in the cover?" I thought that was Ozzy?
  • The name of the woman pictured on the front cover is forgotten, though guitarist Iommi says that she once showed up backstage at a Black Sabbath show and introduced herself
  • somebody know something about the woman in black in the cover?
  • ★★★★★
  • This album IS Halloween, especially the self-titled song. I love the whole release! [2]
  • This album IS Halloween, especially the self-titled song. I love the whole release!
  • [url=]MFSL[/url] release sounds rather impressive...
  • This album is the blueprint for a whole genre. Epic and for eternity.
  • Best band ever!
  • Stop worrying about how br00tal epic heavy metal rifftastic it is and just enjoy the bloody music
  • "Dude, plenty of metal to be found here aside the title track. Don't you deny that The Wizard, NIB, Behind The Wall Of Sleep and Wicked World ain't heavy as fuck." Well, I'll give you The Wizard. It has some heavy riffing. I don't think the others do.
  • Their best album. [3]
  • Black Sabbath's first release was [url=]Evil Woman/Wicked World Single[/url] >> ""Evil Woman (Don’t Play Your Games With Me)" is a song written and recorded by Minneapolis-based band [artist]Crow[/artist] that appeared on their 1969 album Crow Music. It was covered in 1970 by Black Sabbath and was released as their first single (also known as "Evil Woman" simply). The song also appeared on Sabbath's debut album, Black Sabbath, later that year. Despite being Sabbath's first single, "Evil Woman" was excluded from Black Sabbath's debut album in the United States, being replaced by "Wicked World". The song was first officially released in the U.S. in 2002, on the compilation Symptom of the Universe: The Original Black Sabbath 1970-1978"
  • I couldn't imagine hearing this in 1970, it blows me away today. [2]
  • Their best album. [2]
  • fucking amazing still to this day.
  • When I first bought this album, I thought it was Ozzy on the cover.
  • Legendary debut.
  • My favourite Black Sabbath album. Apart from the title track my favourite song is N.I.B followed by Behind The Wall Of Sleep
  • Arguably the greatest Heavy Metal album of all time.
  • 42 YEARS ,,,
  • Legendary
  • First song the best
  • What a great album.
  • still best album of all times


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