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Genre: Death/Thrash Metal/Crossover/Crust - United States Lyrical themes: Occultism, Satanism

Neil - Vocals Eric - Guitar Mark - Guitar Elijah - Bass Jamie - Drums

Álbuns Demo (Démo - 2006) Razor to Oblivion (EP - 2008) Heavy Breathing (CD - 2010) Sentenced to Life (CD - 2012)

Black Breath formed in 2005 in Bellingham, Washington, though the group eventually relocated to Seattle. Their sound is heavily influenced by crossover thrash predecessors such as Entombed and Dismember. After recording serveral demos and completing some underground tours, they finally… leia mais

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  • love it
  • Seattle sound :)
  • LG Petrov approved
  • The Entombed and Dismember influences are sometimes almost ridiculously close to the original bands, but I do really like the hardcore edge of this stuff. I sure prefer this stuff to what Entombed became after their Clandestine album.
  • Just listened to the new one after smoked a joint and I really felt it! What an unexpected ending it had with that last track. Loved it.
  • Don't understand the hate to the new album. It's very good!
  • The change in style is definitely disappointing, but if you just look at the album for what it is it's still damn good.
  • They lost the intensity in their sound on the new record, decent overall but the insane rock n roll/crossover aggression that made them Black Breath is gone :(
  • new album is so disappointing, it doesn't even sound like them
  • New album is slow and I'm not really feeling it. Missing the thrashy, speedy aggression of Sentenced to Life.

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