• My top 10...

    Out 3 2006, 23h39 por alrey

    I've been thinking about writing shit in here for a while. This is to get the ball rolling; I'm sure in a couple days I'll have succumbed to the surveys.

    1. BT
    BT is the legacy. Along with Sneaker Pimps, BT has been one of my favorite artists for almost 10 years. What amazes me about BT is how ever album he releases takes the music in a completely different direction, and yet I keep coming back, and keep loving every track. Most musicians pick something they do well and keep doing it; BT keeps changing. I'm not a huge fan of pure electronic - maybe 4 of my top 50 fall into that category - but BT has been a staple of my rotation for years, and won't be going anywhere any time soon.

    2. I Am X
    I think I'm gay for Chris Corner. Really. It's kinda embarassing. Kiss + Swallow is one of my favorite favorite albums of all time, and Spit It Out is on the top of my overall chart for a reason. Mostly because it is one of the best songs ever. …