• Music memories!

    Mai 2 2006, 2h59 por _deeperthewound

    Music Memories

    1.Put your media player on random.
    2.Listen to the first 20 songs that play, and write a memory that you associate with them.

    1. Sky
    This reminds me of when I used to watch the music channels years ago, and for some reason I think of Big Brother, too... hmm.

    2. You to Myself
    Just reminds me of their video for this, really, and when I used to watch Scuzz a lot. Also, last year in Computing when I was on the band's website and telling Johnny how good they were. I always wanted the guitarist aswell, the one with the least vocals in the band. Hehehe.

    3. Dance Dance
    This makes me think of being at Cheryl's house after the Hallowe'en disco last year. Andy had his laptop with the video for this song on it, and we watched it in Cheryl's room. Apparently Andy can do the dance that Pete does!

    4. The Taste of Ink
    Taste of Chaos! The Used were easily the best band of the night, which completely surprised me. They were ace.

    5. Existentialism On Prom Night