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Behold… The Arctopus is an experimental metal band from Brooklyn, New York, United States.


Behold… The Arctopus was formed by Colin Marston and Mike Lerner, who had been playing guitar together for over a year-and-a-half by the time they found a drummer. Their demo We Need a Drummer (on which a drum machine was used) was picked up by drummer Charlie Zeleny. Zeleny met Lerner and Marston and impressed the duo. He was immediately asked to join the band… leia mais

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  • Avatar de RC-Plorer
    waitidontunders, thank you...
  • Avatar de waitidontunders
    New drummer and two new songs (although one was from the Metal Injection videos) and
  • Avatar de roadkillfacepnt
    if anyone's thirsting for a new BtA album you should definitely check out the new Krallice, it's got lots of Arctopus vibes going on
  • Avatar de Peace_Sells86
    Such a shit band.
  • Avatar de roadkillfacepnt
    Horrorscension is so fucking slept on
  • Avatar de DDevilized
  • Avatar de Sanity_Theorist
    In retrospect, this band still isn't as extreme as fucking Viraemia haha
  • Avatar de AlefInfini
    I'm actually a bit surprised at how many people who liked the band's earlier stuff find Horrorscension too overboard, because that's actually the most musically concise and focused record they've made in some ways. Sure, its faster, wilder, and denser, but I think they've matured enough musically to give individual parts more time to breathe (though I love their earlier material too, my main gripe with some of it was that many exciting parts that seemed to have growing potential rarely lasted more than a few seconds at a time). "Monolithic Destractions" and "Deluge of Sores" are especially some of the band's more straightforward material, but without losing that signature Arctopus charm. :3 It's my favorite of theirs so far, and arguably a milestone in technical/metallic/"avant-garde" music. My hope is that Behold the Arctopus will eventually make a record combining the density, focus, and breathing room of Horrorscension with the more exploratory structures of Skullgrid.
  • Avatar de pervavor
    check out the sawtooth grin and clocal kiss if you're looking for something similar to psyopus. If you like b...ta you'd possibly like colin marston's other projects - indricothere, dysrhythmia, and krallice.
  • Avatar de KazerPowa
    YES. LOVE THIS. Finally found something similar to [artist]Psyopus[/artist]

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