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  • kuroshitsuji < 3 [3]
  • "Im Alive" reminds me of Paramore or Tsunami Bomb
  • I hope she comes back as a solo artist in Japan again! I like "Stars In Stereo" but her solo stuff is more fun! [2] i still love her songs and i miss her ;~;
  • new photo
  • I hope she comes back as a solo artist in Japan again! I like "Stars In Stereo" but her solo stuff is more fun!
  • I'm Alive! <3 awwwww
  • kuroshitsuji < 3 [2 *-*
  • kuroshitsuji < 3
  • both are really good. But you're right Alive is a little bit better. :)
  • i have to listen other her albums, but every song from "Alive" which i know is brilliant <3
  • @down: right ! turn to stone, guilty pleasure, lose you now <333
  • Sweet powerful voice :3
  • I love her voice :3 [4]
  • I love her voice :3 [3]
  • I saw Becca a couple years ago at Otakon in Baltimore, MD, and she put on an awesome show! She even autographed my Peavey guitar and posed for a photo with the guitar!
  • I love her voice :3 [2]
  • I love her songs- i first heard i'm alive on Kuroshitsuji and fell in LOVE with it! ^^
  • I'm Alive!
  • v Nigihana.
  • Does anyone know where I can listen to her new songs from the "Best" Album? ?__?
  • Love me some female pop rockers! I will definitely have to see if I can get my hands on more of her music. Just hearing the beginning of I'm Alive the first time was enough for me to know I need to find out more about her music.
  • I love her voice :3
  • I didn't like so much In Between in her voice , prefer Katy's version :)
  • "Similar" voice to Avril Lavigne but i prefer Becca =) shes shiny.
  • she sounds abit like avril, so not like hayley. but still, great voice.
  • love her music *-*
  • i love perfect me. :D her voice is amazing. and i drove all night is better than celine dion!
  • the demo version of In Between leaked which is originally sung by katy perry. *__* ( to be honest I prefer Beccas her voice is just stunning.)
  • <3
  • yeah she does sound a bit like hayley from paramore, I knew she sounded like someone but I couldn't put my finger on it
  • i agree but OMS (oh my smurf)
  • Just three letters: O.M.G!!
  • Her voice sounds like voice of Hayley Williams from Paramore.
  • Her voice is the epitome of awesome. And beauty.~
  • the first record is so much better than tokyo-o-ing -.- , but the voice... ahh amazing!
  • Really likeable voice. I hope there will be a new album soon!
  • Becca really should release her stuff here in America (curse you, Sony Japan!). I'm sure her music would do extremely well here in the states.
  • I like her music, she has a really nice voice :D
  • ella es demasiado bkn *OO*
  • oh please. won't someone, anyone, please go vote for a newer and in better quality than the current .jpeg one?
  • She has a really good voice :)
  • I'm a dreamee~~r!!
  • How Will You Know ♥
  • YAY for the Friends cover. <3<3<3<3<3<3
  • She sounds like Ashlee Simpson and Avril Lavigne put together.
  • uploaded some of what I found from her website too : [url=]1[/url], [url=]2[/url], [url=]3[/url], [url=]4[/url].
  • uploaded a couple NEWER pictures: [url=]ONE[/url] || [url=]TWO[/url]


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