• 2008: My Top Songs

    Jan 3 2009, 7h59 por cailray

    With 2008 done and dusted I can safely say that for me, it was a breakthrough year musically. One of my new year’s resolutions was to become more hip through appreciating and being aware of more music. I began listening to Triple J for the first time ever and broadened my musical horizons from the 50 or so tracks that they play (to death!) on Nova and B105 to a more complex and sophisticated palate of local and international music. I had always thought that Triple J was just for hippies and far left-wingers but after listening to the 2007 Hottest 100 at Shaun Holmes’ epic Australia Day party last year (and being blown away by Knights of Cydonia’s selection as the number one spot) I decided to give the J’s a trial and was pleasantly surprised over and over again with the tracks that got airplay, it was refreshing. .

    While Triple J deserves much of the credit for this (thank you tax payers!), I must also thank the creators of the social network/musical community Last. …