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  • What So Not - Gemini EP - polska recenzja: (spacja w linku)
  • GoGo! is plain insane
  • Rich People's Theme Song <3
  • One Touch VIP >>>>>>>>>>>> One Touch [2]
  • Feel free to update his wiki.
  • One Touch VIP >>>>>>>>>>>> One Touch
  • One Touch VIP is magic
  • need a new EP or album
  • God, Harlem Shake is so fucking bad
  • soulja
  • one hit wonder
  • clang
  • clang <3
  • Very nice!!!
  • this 1 for all my bros wearing da snapbacks with their tankz showin off their gunz while rollin
  • freaking dopeeeeeeeeeeee
  • Infinite Daps[2]
  • да вы ебанулись, это ж просто блять 30 секунд звука. ладно там гангам стайл, хотя тоже та еще пидарасня, но тут-то из-за чего такая течка нахуй?
  • Вот вам и Baauer, печаль, тоска досада :(
  • Saw him once followed by RL Grime - the latter's DJ pedigree showed for sure
  • Yeah, great producer for sure, but as a DJ he falls far short of many of his peers
  • Then again, that's not really his fault. Producers these days are almost forced to tour as DJs since the two are synonymous according to the general public.
  • Solid producer, not-so-great DJ in my honest opinion. "Yaow" is the best thing he's made.
  • Infinite Daps
  • The worst thing has ever happened to music
  • Attracting flies (baauer remix) = the shit
  • Good!!!
  • Harlem Shake was about the only decent thing he made and that shit was fucking boring.
  • "dang mom where'd you find this" LOL
  • [url=]dang mom where'd you find this
  • crap
  • check that graph
  • Slip is aight
  • czyzby w tym roku na kempie mial byc najwiekszy harlem shake w historii? :D
  • better than psy [2]
  • The You & Me remix is actually amazing.
  • Yaow!
  • lol @ the # of listeners by month chart. Would love to hear some raps over the Harlem Shake track. Anyone got reccomendations?
  • better than psy
  • Con Los Terroristas
  • lol all this hate
  • самый убогий форс из всех
  • херня-шэйк. Дерьма кусок.
  • любимый My Nose в самой жопе <3 я уж побоялся, что мой любимчик станет грозой всех педовок, но нет, обыватели дальше гарлем шейка не копают ёпта
  • Yaow yaow yaow yaow yaow yaow yaow yaow yaow yaow yaow yaow yaow yaow yaow yaow yaow yaow yaow. [2]
  • Да все уже, волна на видосы эти прошла вроде и слава богу)


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