• 90's R&B Ballads

    Jun 23 2010, 17h10 por Shasolace

  • What I listened to before the great iPod disaster of 2005

    Jan 27 2007, 17h14 por Angelastic

    In April 2005, I dropped my iPod. I'd done it before, but this time it was in the middle of doing something or other... so basically it was the straw that broke the camel's back. The hard drive was damaged, but I did manage to copy most of my tracks to my Mac (I did not have copies of them since until 2 months beforehand, my Mac's hard drive was 10GB while my iPod's was 20GB.) I then reformatted the iPod and it would work as long as I didn't fill it past a certain point, which would cause it to write on the bad blocks and need reformatting again. I installed iPodLinux on it and with the help of a little Cocoa app I wrote to split a dictionary into a whole lot of small text files grouped alphabetically in folders, I used it as a German-English dictionary, among other things. Then eventually it stopped even mounting on my Mac, so I sent it to my friend in Canada, for whom it still works to this day. I bought a fancy new iPod, of course.

  • My First Journal on Last.fm

    Jun 4 2006, 16h23 por Di-chy

    I've been a fan of r&b and hiphop for years, and also love "new soul" music of '70s like Stevie, Marvin and Donny. But it's only recently that I found myself quite fond of '80s soul and funk, such as Prince, Rick James, Teena Marie, Mtume, Trouble Funk, Anita Baker, Atlantic Starr and S.O.S. Band.

    Released in the year I was born, Midnight Love is one of my most favorite albums ever. This surely exemplifies the best way to use the TR-808 drum machine for r&b music, and made me addicted to the "808 sounds." Let me hear you say What! Yeah! Okay!

    For every one who has or will read my journal(s): Please be sure that I'm far from good at using the English language because I've been living in Japan since I was born. My first language is Japanese.