• 2010 overview in grind, sludge, and nicer music

    Fev 2 2011, 22h52 por zmajeee


    I know I'm late. Can't travel back in time, anyhow. If I had to, I'd say that 2010 took the cake in the sludge / slower department in general; bands like Thou, Harvey Milk, Cough, The Body, the new, improved version of Bastard Noise, and much, much more (and sure, I've missed some potentially ace / probably metal ones, e.g. the new Immolation, but I don't really care to hear about it unless it's grind). Not to worry, though, 'cause I've suffered through a great lot of blastbeats anyhow. Deliberately ignoring a lot of titles like, uh, the new Rotten Sound EP, there was still a metric fuckton of boring, vapid, cliched material left to feed on my compulsive urges, so here's a belated New Year's Fuck You to myself. Before indulging into the humongous, cryptic pile of text below (an overview of 2010 releases without a rating system), stop idolizing and romanticizing whatever shit you like to listen to. If you wished to do so, you could download just about any of these releases by typing the band name…
  • sketchgrind

    Jan 4 2011, 18h38 por zmajeee

    What is "sketchgrind"?

    In the end, it's just grind.

    c/p from Cephalochromoscope:

    "鞠螺千世 (KiKurachiyo) no. 2, much faster and noisier and goddamn sketchy (open the blue schematic above for the tracklist counting ten minutes & forty-four seconds). I can't promise that you'll like it, even if you liked Satan Samurai ¤REC Pirate Force, 'cause, while it's still punk as fuck, it has gone a bit into the abstract and came to be with a somewhat specific approach in the first place, one that we dubbed "sketchgrind" ('cause I'd rather use a term made-up a bit less predictably than post-grind, hahaha... just kidding). Specifically, what if one could play / act-out grind in stream of consciousness, much like writers such as Woolf, Kerouac, Faulkner attempted, or, perhaps much more similarly, what the alleged surrealist application of "automatism" claimed to apply (e.g. Breton). I mean - in regard of using a blank piece of paper…
  • atka/shimetsu split [lp/mCD]

    Nov 29 2008, 16h01 por ___matt666___

    finally this long awaited split is coming out .. the best 2 german grind bands nowadays team up for this awesome split .. appeals to fans of discordance axis, crowpath, pig destroyer and so on .. be prepared and do you a favour and check out them

    Atka :
    Shimetsu :

    mCD released at :
    LP released at :