• 134 top of dziobaseczek - 7 February 2012

    Fev 9 2012, 5h59 por dziobaseczek

    Nowości w tym tygodniu - prawdziwe perły, często niekomercyjne i czasem niesinglowe. Powiem tyle - wstyd nie posłuchać. Wszystkie są genialne! A niektóre totalne. Szokująco piękny i smutny The Drums, zupełnie inne niż cała ich dotychczasowa twórczość. Równie udany nowy, niesinglowy Chairlift, ta kapela jest niesamowita. Na szczycie debiutuje kawałek, który po prostu mnie rozwalił, typowy rozwalacz od pierwszego odsłuchu - Django Django. Wraca taneczny Muscles, modły Listoholika wysłuchany wraca niesamowita formacja High Places, jest odłam Deftones, ale w nieco bardziej elektronicznej oprawie czyli formacja †††. Jest nowa piosenka The Big Pink - znakomita moim zdaniem, cuuudowna. Dlatego to ona tu się pojawia a nie single. Bo Lista dziobaseczka to azyl dla najlepszych perełek muzyki niezależnej Na liście pojawia się fajna piosenka Various Cruelties i Noela (dziwię się, że dotychczas nic tu nie dotarło), jest nowy School Of Seven Bells. Zresztą słuchajcie sami. Nie pozwólcie przepaść tym piosenkom.
  • Most Played Albums of 2011

    Jan 5 2012, 20h52 por pecusita

    Hello everyone! Welcome to this wonderful tradition of number crunching. A precious opportunity for yours truly to rant outside of my own head in a long form medium that's not limited to 140 characters.

    2011 was definitely more varied than our last recap with a lot more diversity, thanks in big part to my new BFF Spotify. But there's always a downside: too much variety means not much repetition and this year we have the first ever recount without a song reaching 100 plays and don't even think about a single album passing 1000 scrobbles!

    I noticed one particular phenomenon this past year: there were a lot of well-established and previous chart topping artists that were overlooked this past year, some of them, for no apparent reason! I even liked some of their preview singles. What a mystery! Albums like Okkervil River - I Am Very Far, TV on the Radio - Nine Types Of Lights, Dum Dum Girls - Only in Dreams, Beirut - The Rip Tide and Toro y Moi - Underneath the Pine, just to name a handful that never got the change to return. …
  • 2011

    Dez 29 2011, 17h08 por MichaelLeSuer

    Mostly due to a slew of disappointing releases from bands that I expect much more from, for me 2011 was definitely a year for expanding my taste. Fortunately there were at least 50 songs that were really good and you should look them all up. I could make a zip of them but I probably won't.

    Best Songs:
    50. "Young Pros" by Bass Drum of Death
    49. "Symphony in White, No. 2" by Sun Airway
    48. "Post Physical" by Pictureplane
    47. "High School Lover" by Oregon Bike Trails
    46. "Love To Get Used" by Matt Pond PA
    45. "Needles and Pins" by Howth
    44. "We Were Children" by Tribes
    43. "Garfield" by Hail Mary Mallon
    42. "Work" by 1,2,3
    41. "Fleeced" by Arms
    40. "On Your Side" by Icarus Himself
    39. "Heavy Water" by British Sea Power
    38. "Do It Again" by Guards
    37. "Frequency" by unouomedude
    36. "Exhaustible" by DeVotchKa
    35. "Whale" by Yellow Ostrich
  • Samy's Indie Rock Playlist Winter 2011

    Dez 18 2011, 17h50 por samycze

    Cherish with fondness the days when you feel like nothing can hurt you and make you miserable.
    'The Best Of 2011' compilation is shaping up pretty well and should be released towards the end of the year.

    *A very sad day not solely for our country. Truth & love must prevail over lies & hatred. R.I.P. Václav Havel.

    VA - Samy's Indie Rock Playlist Winter 2011

    Artist...............: Various Artists
    Album................: Samy's Indie Rock Playlist Winter 2011
    Genre................: Indie
    Source...............: CD
    Year.................: 2011
    Ripper...............: EAC (Secure mode) / LAME 3.92 & Samsung CD-R/RW SW-224
    Codec................: LAME 3.93
    Version..............: MPEG 1 Layer III
    Quality..............: Extreme, (avg. bitrate: 272kbps)
    Channels.............: Stereo / 44100 hz
  • WHB May Playlist #8

    Mai 16 2011, 13h34 por DexterBzuk

    Name: WHB May Playlist #8

    Author: Dexter & Kovi


    Description: Just to prove our point that making playlist is not an exact science, we decided to postpone our May playlist to June, but than we got all crazy and pushed send button in the middle of the month. Or something like that. Anyway. Only month to go 'till summer, whitch will be full of super-joy-party songs, so this is the last stand of slow, (sometimes) depressive and (mostly) acoustic songs. And somehow "back to the roots" playlist. It's beautiful as always so enjoy last fifteen days of spring.


    01. Seymore Saves the World - Love Song
    02. Wake the President - Remember Fun?
    03. Folded Light - Landscapes
    04. Folly and the Hunter - Folly
    05. Paper Thick Walls - NyQuil
    06. O'Death - Look At The Sun
    07. Anton Rothschild - Strange in my soul
  • Samurai Jumpsuit

    Mar 13 2011, 14h41 por mikeropology

    I wanted to build a mix around my choice of stand-out 2010 songs, but every time I tried to do that, I failed miserably. The initial lineup was just too unwieldy, requiring a lot of editing to get the thing down to a human scale. Then the songs that remained seemed to hop all over the place style-wise. Maybe it's a stupid OCD thing on my part, but I feel like a proper mix-tape should have a cohesiveness to it, whether that be genre-based, melodic, emotional (lyrical) -- there has to be something that ties what the ear is experiencing to the actual compilation. Three months later, I do have a top-2010 mix done and ready to burn (with caveats). This just isn't it.

    Samurai Jumpsuit feels more personal than any year-in-review album I could come up with. And I can honestly say that I absolutely, 100%, love all of the songs on this mix. This is subway-headphone music; late night walking, shoulder-to-shoulder, crowed dodging, street jogging workout music. It's something I'd listen to to escape everything-else music. …
  • Best of 2010!

    Jan 4 2011, 9h19 por sidekicksuicide

    It's a little bit late, but I had to let 2010 completely come to an end. There were some great records I was just hearing as the new year rolled in.

    10. The Hold Steady - Heaven Is Whenever
    I just started to get into The Hold Steady last year, so I don't have the same long history with the band as some people. A lot of people criticized this album for not having the sparkle of their last couple, but it's a solid, fun rock record. It was summery in the summer, but has kept it's relevancy into the winter. The loss of Franz Nicolay gives the band fewer over-zealous background vocals and piano parts, but Tad Kubler's guitar parts have a chance to shine. Lyrically, Heaven Is Whenever doesn't pack much punch, but the fun music makes it a solid Hold Steady release.

    9. The National - High Violet
  • DOWNLOAD :: Blalock's Indie/Rock Playlist: September (2010)

    Set 22 2010, 5h25 por joshblalock

  • DOWNLOAD :: Blalock's Indie/Rock Playlist: April (2010)

    Set 22 2010, 4h40 por joshblalock

  • My Leather Anniversary

    Set 6 2010, 17h25 por pecusita

    Did you know that third year anniversary is nicknamed leather?! Me neither! I had to google it!

    Another year, another journal. This time with delayed rant. The numbers are there, and they don't lie, I listen to lots of music and I'm quite addicted to scrobbling them. OH, what have you done to me? I'm already nearing 99 thousand(!!!) scrobbles, with an average of 74 tracks per day.

    Here's a three year breakdown:
    Total Scrobbles
    1st year - 47,036 (includes tracks scrobbled at sign up)
    2nd year - 76,168 (+29,062)
    3rd year - 98,209 (+22,041)

    Number of artists in Library
    1st year - 649 artists
    2nd year - 1,119 artists (+470)
    3rd year - 1,844 artists (+725)

    What's interesting here is that I scrobbled 7,021 less songs during this past year, yet added about 75% more artists. There's a very simple explanation for this curious stat: I still use it quite a lot, in fact, it's become my primary source for discovering new music. …